You have four seconds to capture your customer’s attention. Ready? Go!!

“Technology promises to make our lives easier, freeing up our time for leisure activities. However, the rapid pace of technological innovation has compressed our perception of time which has translated to our adoption of the relentless pace of the very machines that were supposed to simplify our jobs.”–Wolfsom

The average attention span for web users is four to eight seconds. This means you only have that frame of time to capture their attention in hopes that they will further engage with your website. Speed is the leading component when a consumer decides whether or not they like your website. If your website fails to present itself in a timely fashion, I can almost guarantee you that you have lost a potential customer. And beyond a possible loss in sales, you must assume this unhappy web user will tell others of their negative experience which hinders on your business reputation.

To better give you an idea of how your website performs in terms of speed, Google recently released a tool called Page Speed Online. If your visit, you can enter your website’s URL and with the click of a button, Google gives you a score out of 100 as well as a list of suggestions to improve your website’s speed. Page Speed Online also analyzes your mobile site which is becoming more important due to customers spending an increased amount of time interacting on their mobile devices.

We, at MSM DesignZ, decided to put Google’s new tool to the test. Keep in mind that the amount of graphics such as ‘flash’ must be considered when comparing scores. MSM DesignZ is a full flash website and scored an 85 out of 100. With this score comes a list of suggestions to help improve our speed. These suggestions are broken down into three categories: high, medium, and low priority.

We also entered in other popular websites and they scored as follows:

Full flash websites obviously take more time to load compared to a site with basic functionality.  Many may assume that these websites will score low, however, there are some websites utilizing a high level of graphics that still maintain a high score.

How does your website score?  Do you think that Google’s new scoring tool and suggestions can impove your customer’s experience on your website?



Source: MSM DesignZ, Inc. is a Westchester based NY web design firm specializing in SEO, social media, web and graphic design and much more.