“Ole Ola” the World Cup 2014 in Social Media

It’s been four long years and the time has come once again – the World Cup 2014! As tradition has it, the host country, Brazil, will kick off the games tomorrow June 12 with a game against Croatia. And do you know where the World Cup will have the biggest hype? In social media, of course! Take advantage of this great sporting event and wind up brand engagement with your fans.

First of all let’s see the ways that you can get real-life information of the event. According to FIFA’s official website they will be having coverage for desktop, mobile, and the Official FIFA App; latest news will be posted, plus you will have access to photos, videos of the games, and bonus special moments. Another interesting feature is their “Social Hub”, which will allow users to stay up to date with team sheets and follow the match with live commentaries, among other interesting goodies. FIFA is well equipped in social media, make sure to follow their official Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Now that you know where to get the official content from, its also good to be aware of  the apps that will be creating buzz among soccer fans. Mashable provided a list of six apps that will be huge this season, most providing in-depth analysis of the games and some even let you pick your favorite teams so that you’re only following them.  Other apps are linked with some of the TV channels that will be streaming the games for those who can’t sit in front of a TV, that’s convenient huh? The other apps, like “Trabel Portuguese Futebol Ediction” helps people who are in Brazil for the games, and assists with directions around the area.

So exiting! Now, the tips!

1. Use the right #Hashtag!

In addition to monitoring real-time “hashtags”, you can also use some of the trending ones that are already out there. Of course, “WorldCup” is one of the strongest, but there are also some unofficial hashtags specific to the teams, such as #EmBuscaDoHexa (Brazil) and #BudiPonosan (Croatia). Keep an eye on FIFA’s Twitter handle to see which hashtags become popular and use them in your posts to be seen!

Remember that when you add a trending hashtag in your content it is most likely to be seen. Another great thing to do, especially in Twitter, is to retweet posts by the players themselves – Cristiano Ronaldo @Cristiano, Neymar Júnior @neymarjr, Wayne Rooney @WayneRooney – just to name a few, but you can see the complete list of most followed soccer players here / Mashable)

2. Sync with Facebook and Twitter

It’s important to stay synced with Facebook’s and Twitter’s efforts to encourage engagement. But how will they do this effectively? Well, Facebook has already released a “Trending World Cup page“, which will include highlights of matches, user updates, teams and players ; Twitter also launched a Match Timeline and World Cup timeline to facilitate keeping up with related tweets and updates, as well as a cute set of “Hashflags”. Yup, “hashflags” which are emoji flags that can be used to illustrate the support of a certain country. All you have to do is type a “#” followed by the three-letter abbreviation of the country name (i.e. #BRA (Brazil), #CRO (Croatia)).

Use of these elements, while relating it to your specific business will provide your fans and customers with up-to date information that will be interesting for them. It will also increase your Facebook Shares, Twitter Retweets and overall conversation as a brand because you’ll be referencing trending content!

Image: @Shakira, Source: Mashable

3. If it’s hard to keep up with everything else, use Google Calendar!

We know that we just laid out a ton of information, but once again Google is here to save the day.  Google -as the innovation machine that it is- knows that there is going to be a ton of information throughout the internet because this is, after all, a worldwide event. This is why they are suggesting users to utilize Google Calendar to add every game so you can keep up. To set that up, follow these directions to access the easy step-by-step guide.

Last step is to of course, enjoy the games! 

Who will conquer the World Cup this year?