Why You Should Hire the Candidate with “No Experience”

Written by Kiersten Leone, Social Content Creator at MSM DesignZ.  Once a student starts high school they are told “you need to do well, so you can go to a good college and get a good job.” Well, these days, it feels like it doesn’t even matter because no matter what college you go to it seems like no one will hire you anyways unless you have “real world experience.” But for those who need to work full- time and go to school full-time, or for those who can’t afford to do an unpaid internship, it makes it very difficult to get that “real word experience.” Here are five reasons to hire someone with little to no experience.
via GIPHY 1. Experience isn’t only 9-5 People go through higher education for a reason, to learn. College majors lay out specific courses you need to take that the university, as well as professors who are in the field think are necessary to succeed. Degree requirements are constantly changing to keep up with industries that change. For example, at my university, Social Media Strategy was an elective for those who were interested, but as of 2018 it is a required course to get through the major because knowledge about social media is extremely important to have. Students may use made up examples as class projects but the information they learn and apply to these pseudo-companies can still be applied to the real life industry.

2. Young and hungry

Once an inexperienced person starts a job or internship, they are guaranteed to be the hardest working employee on the team. People who come from a track record of experience will leave at the next best opportunity, but those with little to no experience need the experience first so they are more likely to be a loyal employee. Along with this, inexperienced employees will also do anything asked of them, out of of the wish to impress, as well as learn all the different areas of the company. However, someone with experience may think certain things are below them and not put in as much effort.

3. It challenges you

As a manager you could hire someone who already knows the job and that you won’t have to train that much. Hiring someone without experience will challenge yourself as a manager because you will actually have to constantly work with the newcomer to mold them to fit the company. If you have never hired an inexperienced worker this may be a first for you as well. Not only this, but if your new hire is successful it will not only pave the way for future inexperienced candidates, but it will also make you look great!

4. Diversity

When you hire an inexperienced candidate, or someone who is coming over from a different industry they are filled with ideas. Newcomers can provide your company with ideas that you may not have thought of. This is especially beneficial if your company is trying to shift to relate more to younger people. New candidates are most likely 18-25 years old and give you first-hand insight about who you might be  trying to target. Along with this because most inexperienced people have little to no corporate experience they can be molded to fit the company’s culture.

5. Cost- Effective

My least favorite, but unfortunately it’s true, hiring an inexperienced worker is going to be cost-effective for your company. Salaries are based on experience and qualifications, so if you hire someone without that, you get to pay them less. This is especially advantageous if you are a startup company, or you aren’t looking to hire someone full-time at the moment. You can offer unpaid or paid internships which can eventually turn into a full-time position once you see how well the employee works. All the money you save this way can be used in other areas to enhance your business.

Hiring a candidate without experience will make them feel on top of the world, as well as can be extremely beneficial for your company. You already may be established in your field, but place yourself in their shoes. Going out into this competitive world, everyone needs a chance to succeed. Plus, you never know, they may be the best employee you’ve ever had!