Why You Should Go On That Vacation and Skip Work (For Mental Health)

Written by: Kiersten Leone, Content Intern at MSM DesignZ.

It’s finally lunch time, where you can take a break to scroll through Instagram and see what everyone else is doing. “Oh look, Amanda is on vacation again. Ziplining through the forest? Wasn’t she in Paris last week? I should go on a vacation, I haven’t used any of my time off yet.”

 Thats right! You haven’t taken any days off, so now is your time! You shouldn’t have to think twice about taking that vacation to the blue waters of Thailand or some of America’s most famous landmarks!

Wherever your heart strings pull, GO! If you’re still not convinced there’s science to back it up! It’s a fact that over 55% of working adults are not going to be using all their vacation days (such a shame, isn’t it?). Taking vacation days will not only help your mental health, but it will introduce you to new ways of thinking, and remind you of what’s important.

You’ll Be Happier

In 2010, a study done at Erasmus University confirmed that the people who took vacations, were far happier than those who did not. Vacation-goers also showed signs of slightly increased happiness for two weeks after they returned from vacation. So, book a flight and turn that frown upside down.


 It Reminds You of What’s Important

When you’ve been doing the same thing over and over again, you lose sight of what you’re actually doing. When you have time to reflect (on the vacation, we’ve been talking about), you’ll get a better sense of what direction you’re headed. Maybe you’ll realize you love your job so much and you can’t wait to get back, or maybe you will realize it’s time to find something you’re more passionate about.

It Will Give You New Perspectives

Going to a country other than your own, will help you see ways of living you may have never experienced. Trying that new fish dish, or witnessing a traditional caribbean ceremony, will give you new ideas that you can bring back to your job, along with awesome stories to make your co-workers extremely jealous.

You’ll Be More Productive

Your life is a glass full of water overflowing with stress, pressure, and responsibilities. Vacations stop the stress and pressure of work. When you get back to reality, after you have emptied your overflowing glass of water of stress and pressures, you will have the desire to get more work done, because spending less time at your desk makes you finish tasks quicker.

PRO TIP: The quicker you finish things the more vacations you can take!


You Get to Spend Time With the People That Matters Most!

Sometimes you just want to take a vacation away from people and spend time focusing on yourself. You want to de-stress and only think about yourself for a while. But, if you don’t want to go solo, bringing people along whether it’s friends or family, will allow you to bond with them and create new memories.

Money Talks

And no, we didn’t forget about the money!

So you’re scared you’ll miss out on money? You’re scared you’re going to be replaced?  Well, the good news is that a study done by Ernst & Young accounting firm, found that for each additional 10 hours that an employee took for vacation, their performance review was 8 percent higher the next year. Oh, and maybe if your company rocks- you’ll get a paid vacay (score!)


If you’re still not convinced, how does a nice tan sounds? Or getting away from your co-worker in the next cubicle who eats smelly microwavable meals every-single-day?