Why Product Quality Matters

Written by Courtney Raguso, Social Media Content Creator

Many people falsely believe that if you can market a product well, that’s all that matters. Although marketing a product well is important, it’s not going to matter if your actual product is of poor quality. Customers value a company’s brand story and values, however, they also care if the product will fulfill its promise and measure up to their standards. Another key factor in all of this is your product price. People want to get what they’re paying for, and if they feel ripped off, they will hate your brand. However, if trust and a reputation is already established, they’ll be willing to pay even more for the same product without even thinking twice about it. They are also willing to pay more if they believe it’s a top tier product, but what matters here is the quality. Your job is to follow through with your promise. Once they use that product, they will have an opinion of your brand. If they’re pleased or have their expectations exceeded, they’ll likely give your product a good review and purchase again from you. That should always be your goal as a brand because it helps build a foundation for positive word of mouth. Just remember, if they feel let down or have a bad experience, not only will they not repurchase, but they will leave with a bad taste in their mouth about your brand and that can spread from word of mouth. Upset customers will likely leave a bad review because no one likes wasting their money, nor wants empty promises from a brand.

Product quality can really make or break your business because it’s a reflection of your brand, which can impact your reputation. Your brand has a deeper purpose than just it’s product, however, the product is why you started. You don’t create a product to make you money, you create a product to offer a benefit to people. New products should be improved ideas or new ones. Just copying other brands won’t get you far, nor will having a product you don’t know how to market, regardless of quality. Good product differentiation will be your selling point, and one main one is product quality. What makes your product different? Why should they pay that price? What benefits will the customers be getting? What makes your brand unique? These are all questions you should be asking yourself when launching a product. It’s essential to clearly communicate why the customer needs your product and what sets it apart from the competitors. You might be thinking of just the product features, but it also helps to think of the bigger picture as well and what brings long term value to the customer. For instance, you can talk about the features of the new iPhone. However, what really gets people buying is the social status it brings them when they have one, as well as the company’s long history of delivering superior products. Think emotions because that’s what’s going to get a customer to purchase the product. Just don’t forget the emotions the person will be feeling after they use the product. 

There are  many reasons why product quality matters and holds a lot of long-term benefits for your brand. It produces a higher ROI and allows for future growth. Quality products make an important contribution to long-term revenue and profitability because quality speaks for itself. Of course, you have to get the customer to buy the product, which isn’t easy, but your product then has to do the talking once the sale has been made. As time goes on, and you make improvements to your products, you’ll also be able to charge and maintain higher prices. Remember, poor quality isn’t sustainable, and having fewer defects or field failures results in lower manufacturing and service costs. Many people might think poor quality is cheaper to make, but poor quality never performs well. Once you have a quality product and have marketed it effectively, then you can start looking into how you can cut costs without sacrificing quality. You also want to keep in mind not to overcharge your customers. Don’t be greedy! You might think a price point is justified for your product, but not the customer. So your job is to look at your competitor’s and production costs, and price it fairly, so you can get a profit but also make it affordable to the customer. Most importantly, to ensure product quality, remember to always test your products and listen to customer feedback, because if you don’t you’ll be in for a rude awakening and lots of wasted time and money.  

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