Why Loving Your Smartphone Isn’t Crazy

When I first purchased my Droid HTC Incredible from Best Buy in 2010, it was a purchase that I quickly understood would have some sort of impact on my life.

But I don’t think I could have ever anticipated how quickly I would fall in love with the thing.

Immediately after purchasing it, I made sure to download all of coolest, useful apps I could find. Facebook, ChompSMS, Pulse, apps for different banks — you name it, I’ve probably installed it on my phone.

And it was awesome. Whether I was reading e-mails in the bathroom, checking Facebook while awaiting to meet with a teacher, or checking to see if I had money in my bank account seconds before purchasing dinner, everything that I did with my smartphone added some sort of convenience that, beforehand, I could have only done from a computer.

And in some cases, it even created new opportunities.

Just a few days ago I was able to deposit a check into my checking account using my smartphone. No tellers, no waiting in line. Just take a picture of both sides of the check, and the application handles everything else.

Using apps like GasBuddy, or Google Shopper, I’ve been able to save a few cents on gas or a few dollars on purchases that I would have otherwise been ignorant about. Now, I don’t simply stand around in a clothing store, mulling over the question of whether or not I want to purchase something. I let me smartphone do the muscle work for me, then use the information that my phone spits out in order to make an educated purchasing decision.

And my smartphone has also helped me to see in the dark, too. Literally. Using a flashlight app, I can turn on the extremely bright camera flash to help navigate in poorly lit areas, or see under couches.

It may sound weird, but I’ve found it hard for me to not express a sort of affection towards my phone. No, I don’t cuddle with it before bed or leave it cutesy wall posts on Facebook about how much I miss it, but it still remains an important piece of my daily routine.

Losing it would probably hurt me a little bit emotionally, too.

Obviously, for current smartphone owners, none of this is exactly a revelation. Many have experienced the joys of owning smartphones well before 2010, whether they were using a Blackberry or an iPhone or one of the various other available smartphones.

If anything, I just want to reiterate what they have been expressing all of these years: smartphones are awesome. Smartphones help you to do things. Smartphones are smart.

Needless to say, in a burning building scenario, I would still save my dog over my smartphone.

But, if I had a choice between some slightly sentimental writing from high school or my smart phone, I’d probably choose the smartphone almost every time.

Sure, right now it can’t put out fires. But eventually, there might be an app for that.