Why Is A Dog More Famous On Instagram Than You?

Written by Courtney Raguso, Social Media Content Creator

You have probably seen them before while browsing through Instagram and wondered how someone who snores, farts in public, drools, and is hairier than you could have millions of followers. We aren’t talking about your ex. We are talking about dogs! Although not everyone is a huge fan of animals, there are many reasons why some of them become so popular online. This niche market has created lucrative business opportunities for social media savvy pet owners as well as brands that are interested in working with them. One of the reasons they are so successful is because they get so much engagement. Endorphins are what we feel when our emotions are triggered, and we see something pleasing like an adorable puppy. The same psychology can be applied to marketing. Yes, it is possible to make your audience happy to see an ad, but you have to execute it well and know your audience. Pet influencers are in high demand just like celebrities, and they don’t charge a cheap price either. Here are some pet influencers that have made it to fame. 

Animal people are everywhere, and you have the potential to be able to reach a large audience. While some animal lovers can be of a more specific demographic, it might be worth considering a collaboration if your product or service aligns with a certain type of animal. Animal posts work well because they are uncontroversial and can bring all types of people together because, naturally, most of us like animals. Animals are also among the most frequently shared; there’s just something about them that makes people want their friends to see. Influencer marketing can be effective because the audience already trusts and likes the person they’re following. The same goes for pet influencers, which leaves so much opportunity for brands to reach their target audience. If you happen to have a pet of your own or one that hangs at the office, it wouldn’t hurt to show your furry friend to introduce that fun side of your brand. In fact, animals tend to lower stress levels and can be beneficial to having in an office setting. It would be a great chance to capitalize on the opportunity and gain more followers and reach for your business. 

When it comes to building a brand for your pet and making a business out of their fame, there’s a few things to keep in mind. You’ll want to always stay consistent. That means posting regularly, maintaining quality content, and focusing on your brand voice, including your aesthetic. A polished, consistent feed that’s recognizable will have your followers feel more of a sense of trust. Once you grow a large following, consider creating a merch line for your personal brand. This is great for social proof and will allow loyal followers to express their support and feel even more sense of community. Don’t be afraid to experiment on different platforms and try joining trends to reach a wider audience and identify more growth opportunities. As you continue to work on creating a consistent presence and brand choice you can use that popularity to do some good and support a cause and bring awareness through your pet. Tying in anything that’s charitable is a great way to show that you’re not just here for the hype. You can help through your promotions whether it’s visiting a children’s hospital and making a donation or promoting a rescue shelter to raise awareness. As we always say, brands with purpose behind them who give back to the community do better than brands that just focus on what they can gain from their supporters. It doesn’t matter what route you choose to go: animals are a great win on social media. If you need help running an account or want to work with an influencer, we have the right knowledge and connections to put your brand in the spotlight!

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