Why Content is King in Social Media

Often, a successful business is founded upon an initial goal or strategy. It might not be laid out on paper, or scrawled upon an apartment a wall, but it’s usually found somewhere. It is a thought or expectation which fuels the development and growth of a business, and always causes the business owner to carefully consider each and every one of their decisions. Decisions like, do I want to hire this person? Do I want to partner with this particular business?

And yet, that strategy rarely ever translates to a business’s social media endeavors. Sure, they might consider specific ways to reach out to or speak to customers through social media, but rarely will they ever develop a useful strategy with which to approach those mediums.

And, in some ways, that can be a business’s most important mistake. Social media may be free (to an extent), but it isn’t something that will immediately breed success. Both persistence and strategy are driving forces behind a well-executed social media campaign. And for social media strategy, content is king. Here’s why:

Content Drives Interest

One brief look at Starbucks’s Facebook page will quickly reveal that they strongly emphasize  good content on their page. Whether they are posting new videos from their YouTube channel, new products on their website or photos from their office locations, Starbucks aims to provide fans both interesting and useful information about their company. They also keep it refreshing by ensuring that their posts are almost always clever and witty, giving fans additional reason to like and share their posts.

Which is why it’s important to consider what interesting content you can provide for your fans and to encompass all of that information into your social media strategy. So blogs, photos, and events, among other things, are all important pieces of content to consider during the development of your content strategy. Think about how you can keep your fans interested and engaged on your page on a weekly basis, and use that information to your advantage.

Good Content Creates Conversation

Facebook is driven by a brilliant algorithm known as EdgeRank. What this essentially does is help to determine how many people will see your specific post based on several factors, including time of the post and the number of likes and comments that people left on the post. Basically, the better the post and the more people that leave some sort of feedback on that post, the more likely more people will see that post.

What that means is that having a conversation with your fans on Facebook (and Twitter) is only just part of the battle. Simply providing them with useful information about your business, or simple questions is something, but it won’t necessarily result in a high edge ranking and success on your social media channels.

Which is why it’s important to ensure that the content you are providing your fans and followers with is ultimately good, useful content, like a well-written blog, or a funny holiday photo of all of your employees. So, when building a content strategy for your social media pages, consider all of the holidays, all of the events in your area and anything else you can think of that might make for an intriguing, relevant opportunity to stir up some more buzz about your business.

Good Content Shows That You Care

Finally, and arguably most importantly, paying careful attention to your social media pages and providing fans and followers with useful information shows that you, as a business, actually contribute a significant amount of time and effort into connecting with your customers. It shows that you actually want to converse with them, which is important because it makes them feel like they are being heard. That, in turn, makes them respect your business all the more and encourages them to share any and all good content that you are posting on your social media pages.

And your social media strategy should inherently take these important aspects into consideration. Without good content, a strategy is useless. If a social media strategy is your hunting rifle, then content is your ammunition. That is why it is important to devise your plan to approach the how of social media. That is, how will you attract fans and followers into clicking on and ultimate buying into whatever it is you are trying to pitch to them.

Figure that out, and you’ll be well on your way towards becoming a likable business on social media.