What Your Facebook Business Page Says About You

Facebook pages can say a lot about the businesses that own them. Well run and extremely active pages suggest that those businesses are listening and that they actually care. On the other hand, neglected Facebook pages indicate that businesses don’t care or that they don’t believe in Facebook, so customers might avoid interacting with them through that medium.

Here are just a few things that a business’s Facebook page tell its customers.

No Facebook Page: The Rebel

In a world full of conformists, you’re the one that just doesn’t care. You care about your own things, the passions that drive you: Your business, your customers and maybe even traditional advertising. But you aren’t ready to jump on the Facebook bandwagon, and you’ve told people, time and time again, that it’s never going to happen.

You’re skeptical and you’re loud in your skepticism. You want others to know — including business owners and customers — that if they want to learn more about your business and talk to you in a more intimate way, they can e-mail you or leave a note in the comments box. As for Facebook? You don’t have the time and, let’s be real, isn’t it just a waste, anyway?

A Sparsely Updated Facebook Page: The Slacker

You have a Facebook page and you update it, but do so very, very infrequently. Like once every other month. These are the ones that initially thought Facebook was going to be the next best thing for their business, so what did they do? They hopped on the Facebook ‘gravy train’ hoping that it would yield excellent results. It may have, initially, but then their interest waned, like everybody’s does, and they stopped updating it as much.

And then less. And less… and… you get the picture.

This person believes in it, sure. They believed in it, at one point. But, like a disappointing football franchise, they have just completely lost faith. That or they’ve just become completely disinterested.

Moderately Updated With Decent Success: The Everyman/Woman

In the morning, you put your socks on one foot at a time. You brush your teeth twice a day (sometimes just once), and you floss. You live in a quaint, comfortable home with a good family. You are, for lack of a better word, they quintessential everyman or everywoman.

How has that translated towards your Facebook page? You post pretty frequently, maybe even daily, about relevant events. You might not attach pictures, or photos, or develop content schedules or do link-tracking or — yeah, you probably don’t do most of that. But your Facebook page is probably relatively successful. You might get a few new likes every now and then, and comments regarding your business stream in through your Facebook page. You probably also have an app or two installed. Yay!

But it’s not spectacular, and you’re perfectly content with that. At least it’s something.

Huge Interaction Rates + And The Whole 9 Yards: The Superstar

You’re confident, happy and living the dream. People like you and you like being around people.

Your Facebook page reflects that. For every post, you get tons of interaction — likes, comments and shares abound. People visit your business page to communicate with you because they know that you’re constantly listening. They post events, share photos with you and are generally very forward with their interactions.

You’re successful because you’ve believed in yourself and in Facebook, and that has yielded great results for your business. Anything you post immediately gains traction through Facebook, and you don’t even really worry about marketing it too much through other mediums because Facebook has worked so well. You’re a winner.



Source: MSM DesignZ, Inc. is a Westchester social media company based in NY specializing in advertising, web and graphic design, and SEO.