What to Do During and After Coronavirus and How We Can Help

Written by Courtney Raguso, Social Media Content Creator

What should I do during and after Coronavirus?

COVID-19 has brought uncertainty and crisis to our world, and we are realizing it is more than just our health that’s being affected. The repercussions of this crisis has shed light on how unprepared many people are. The virus has not only threatened the health of our community, but also soon to be our economy if we don’t act accordingly. Now with social distancing and health being a main concern, businesses that aren’t prepared end up suffering the consequences of not having a digital strategy in line. It has never been a more important time to start pursuing digital solutions. During times in crisis, such as natural disasters like these, how you execute your strategy is crucial. In order for your business to stay relevant and keep afloat, not to mention while maintaining social distancing, you will need to go full force on digital efforts. According to research, 78% of consumers want brands to help people connect through social networks. We have only tapped into the full power of social, and while the Coronavirus is making its impact on public health, it’s also creating a huge opportunity for building connectivity online. Media channels like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter aren’t just for promotion. They can also be a way to connect with your customers, IF you do it the right way. That’s where experts like us come in!

Your brand’s actions matter, especially during moments like these, because it will affect the way consumers feel about your brand. As businesses are forced to adapt to the changes caused by the pandemic, it’s important for them to show their values to the community and make the right calls. Always remember: the brands that offer more value will stay on top. Consumers will know which brands are committed to the greater good, and which ones only care about a quick sale. Those perceived as trying too hard to cover up a sole focus on profit will lose trust and customers. This will level the playing field and people will start to understand why agencies charge a premium for marketing and PR services. The bottom dollar marketers will act robotic. Their posts will be tone deaf and focus on nothing else but the sale. They will not pause scheduled tweets or pre-written content for campaigns and will continue to market as if the virus never happened. Now is the time to pause and reflect on strategy.

Thanks to technology and digital media, there are many routes you can take in your online marketing strategy. Although this pandemic has been a disaster and total heartbreak, we can find opportunity. Why not take advantage of it? We might not be able to control this outbreak from happening, but we can control how we react to this crisis. Pursuing digital solutions as well as having a crisis plan in place is essential so your business can be ahead of the game and of course be prepared. According to research, 62% of businesses have a crisis plan, but few update them or practice scenarios. In fact, nearly 11% of businesses don’t even know if they have a crisis plan. No business is immune and all are susceptible to experiencing crisis at some point in time. Crisis management is an important component of public relations and vital for the security of your business, stakeholders, employees, customers and revenue.

The growing need for remote interactions has also highlighted an issue we often ignore: the digital divide. There are many businesses that still lack the proper tools and knowledge to run a business online. Not to mention many individuals who don’t even have access to the internet. The world is changing, it’s going digital, and some people will fall through the cracks. Italy recently experienced a strain on their network and had a surge in reports of lost internet connections due to nearly 70% of internet traffic accounting for online gaming, specifically Fortnite. While we’re all trapped indoors, this sense of loneliness is sparking some creativity since virtual space is all we have now. Joe Biden’s presidential campaign just announced their first “virtual” town hall to protect candidates and supporters from the virus. Celebrities are holding live free performances on their social accounts. Discord upped the limit on the number of people who can join a free video call to 50. The Coronavirus has not only forced many people to adapt to a more digital way of life, but has also shed light on the digital divide. The world is changing and we want to help promote positive change and give everyone a voice. A good digital marketing agency, such as ourselves, will have all the tools and expertise necessary to build your online presence and make the right connections! Our society is continuing to evolve digitally, it’s important for businesses to evolve as well in order to be successful. As a digital agency, it is our responsibility to close that divide and bring people together.  

We are at a crossroads at this point and need to realize what is worth our investment. It should not have to take a worldwide pandemic to decide to finally take action and embrace online culture! As a digital media agency, it’s important for us to be spending this time as effectively as possible for our clients. This should be a solid reminder to fellow marketers that strategy matters! How businesses handle this virus will separate the ones who succeed from the ones who fail. 

This virus may be temporary, but what is your takeaway?

How can we help?

At MSM DesignZ, we understand the importance of embracing technology especially during this time of crisis. At times like this, where our communication with one another is affected, we need to have a solution to help handle these aspects. Thanks to social media and our digital tools, we can keep businesses connected with their customers and build relationships without the need for any need for physical interactions.

Now it’s even more important than ever for businesses to communicate with their customers to stay on top of their social presence as well as website updates. We are assisting in all areas for our clients. Visit our contact page at, and we’ll work with you to devise a custom plan that will keep your brand alive and well. We look forward to working with you!