What is Interactive Content and How Can Your Brand Use It?

Written by Kellie Quain, Digital Media Manager

When it comes to digital marketing, seasoned professionals understand that you cannot simply push your product and expect it to resonate with your target demographic. In order to connect with an audience and draw them in, you must create some type of content; this is what leads consumers to brand experiences and to develop their own opinions about who you are. While there is a wide range of types of content you can produce, we have seen one type that has been emerging across the digital landscape that can truly set you apart from your competition. It’s known as interactive content.  

What Actually is Interactive Content Marketing?

Interactive content marketing involves using content to engage your audience based on their participation. It may be thought of as a conversation, however, you don’t have to actively participate. This kind of content often makes users feel like they are being heard, spoken to, or at least acknowledged. 

It has been reported that interactive content can positively affect a user’s time spent on a certain web page or social media platform due to its engaging nature. You might be able to understand how one can get lost in an interactive quiz or video, as it feels like they are truly interacting with another human. This kind of content often demands a user’s full attention and leaves them feeling rewarded. 

Let’s Look at Some Examples 

While what you’ve just read may seem overwhelming, it becomes much easier to understand when you think about the different types of interactive content you’ve come across already. For example, if you’ve ever taken a silly quiz on a website such as Buzzfeed, you’ve participated in interactive content. If you have ever visited a website’s landing page that requires you to click through a winding map to learn more about the company, or provides you with a video you can click on to watch a tutorial on how to use a product, you have experienced interactive content. Finally, if you have taken advantage of one of Instagram’s newest story features which allows you to provide your followers with a poll, you’ve actually created your own interactive content. 

With more branded content being created each day, the landscape becoming more saturated, and the expectations of consumers rising as technology improves, it has become increasingly difficult for businesses to stand out. Interactive content helps brands narrow that gap and deliver results. A final tip if you plan on utilizing interactive content is to encourage viewers to share what you create, such as a quiz or infographic. Make sharing simple by using an embed code for certain types of content and try experimenting with an enticing CTA (call to action) so people feel compelled to pass on your content. 

At MSM DesignZ, we understand the need to diversify the types of content you share on social media. While interactive content is vital to expanding your audience and separating yourself from your competition, it is only one facet of a detailed digital marketing strategy. That’s where our team comes in. To request a quote or learn more about our wide range of services, call our main office in Tarrytown at (914) 909-5900. We look forward to working with you!