What Brands Are Doing for the 2021 Summer Olympics

Written by Courtney Raguso, Social Media Content Creator

It’s estimated that over $3 billion has been spent in sponsorships for this Summer’s Olympic Games. According to NBCUniversal, it’s projected that the revenue for the 2020 games can reach $1.25 billion. With at least 120 advertisers, many brands have been leveraging their resources to support their Tokyo athletes and get into the spirit of the world-renowned Olympic Games. Whether it’s sportswear or insurance for small businesses, many brands are leveraging this event to tell their story in a more emotional, relevant, and relatable way. The Olympics poses an incredible opportunity for brands to show motivation and provide a unique moment for them to connect with what’s happening as well as their audience, by supporting athletes, inspiring hope and reminding people of the best of what’s in each of us. The Olympics has many brands coming out in force to show their support and promote themselves to viewers around the world. We’ve rounded up all the notable brand activity around what continues to be the world’s biggest sporting event.

Costa Coffee

The coffee chain draws a parallel between the focus of Olympians and the dedication of its own team to making good coffee.


The hair-care brand celebrates six-time Olympic gold medalist Allyson Felix as part of its “What’s Your Legacy” campaign. 


As Olympics buzz builds, Chipotle wants to highlight the health benefits of its menu. 


Nike imagines if tomorrow could be “the best day ever for sport” in an ad starring champions such as sprinter Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, wheelchair tennis icon Diede de Groot and basketball player A’ja Wilson. 

Procter & Gamble

Longtime Olympic sponsor P&G pays tribute to the mothers from various cultures who share one thing in common: teaching their children the qualities they need to embody great athletes. 


“Fiercely Together” features athletes from opposing teams singing along to the children’s song, putting rivalries aside and celebrating the joy of uniting over a shared love of Oreo cookies. It also features the brand’s tagline: “Stay Playful.”


Also adding to the skateboarding hype, Vans, a shoe brand long associated with skaters, launched a campaign featuring Tony Hawk and a few other skateboarders headed to Tokyo. 


Canon celebrates the power of photography and illustrates how a single image can fuel the dreams of the next generation of athletes.


Entitled “The 9th Corridor”, this spot from fashion house Lacoste features French athlete, Laurent Chardard, presenting the work he puts into training to compete in the Paralympic Games.

The Olympics offers an opportunity for brands to get creative and find ways to connect themselves to the worldwide event; they do this by showing customers how their brand can motivate, empower, and inspire people to reach their dreams. Due to last year’s cancellation of the Summer Olympics due to COVID-19, brands were forced to pivot and think on their feet, not knowing what to expect. Through storytelling, brands are able to make their commercials revolve more around the spirit of community coming together to overcome obstacles instead of the individual athletes. The best way to optimize these types of sponsorships is to ensure the sport or sports you choose to associate with your brand are an authentic fit for your company and line up with your values. It’s about using the platform with millions of viewers to simplify complex customer capabilities through easy-to-understand sports analogies, highlight shared values between the brand and sports partner, and connect with viewers on an emotional level. It’s about expressing the effectiveness of your product and the benefit to the end-user and humanity as a whole. This doesn’t just go for the Olympics, and your daily messaging needs to be consumer-centric to ensure your message and tone remain conscious and self-aware. 

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