What Are The Digital Marketing Trends for 2023?

Written by Alyssa DiLascio, Social Media Coordinator

As 2022 comes to a close, we are seeing customers become more discerned about the products and services they buy. Consumers are getting educated before buying. That means it’s more important for brands to be transparent and think about their messaging or tweak their strategy in the coming year. To help you kick off 2023 with a bang, we have researched and found what marketers think the TOP trends will be in 2023, and how you can get ahead of the game. Read below to find out the top marketing trends to be predicted in the new year.

Influencer Marketing

It’s not news that social media is on the rise for marketing. It’s an area of marketing that will see significant change. Did you know that TikTok continues to evolve and dominate many brands? The platform is focusing on usability for businesses and improving target options for advertising, which will change the game in 2023. It is also known that Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are focusing on user experience to give their audience content that is the most valuable.

Brands are also investing in influencer marketing by the day. It’s known that influencers have a good influence on their audiences because of their likability and unique content. For example, a top influencer like former Vine creator Zach King has grabbed everyone’s attention with his “digital magic” videos and family fun. He started his social media career on YouTube in 2008 and now his content on optical illusions has landed him 60M TikTok followers and now 24.3M Instagram followers. We predict investing in influencer marketing will connect brands with new audiences and builds trust in their new partnerships.

‘Creator Economy’ Will Grow and Change

The creator economy is defined as the class of businesses built by over 50 million independent content creators, social media influencers, and bloggers. Now, this community will grow in the new year because as brand awareness becomes more of a focus on social media (as opposed to pure lead generation), marketers need to find creators that have a voice and fan base (small or otherwise). The role of content creators will become more hands-on, and focused on increasing engagement across all platforms. According to HubSpot’s 2022 State of Consumer Trends report, “30% of 18 to 24-year-olds and 40% of 25 to 34-year-olds consider themselves content creators.”

Balance Content To Offer Value

Many marketers know a major turn-off for consumers is immediate selling. Our team at MSM Digital always recommends putting the brand at the highest authority so the audience has a clear perception of what the products/services can do for them. This new content strategy will raise awareness for many brands and offer a helpful solution for their customers. It will also send the consumer a signal that you are here to educate and help your community. It’s important to remember, a confused buyer will NOT buy.

Increased Demand For Videos

Do you know video campaigns are a powerful way to inform and connect? This past year, we have seen the power of TikTok change the game for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Short videos are what people engage with the MOST! According to Wyzowl’s research, video continues to be used by an overwhelming majority of businesses. Their research says, 80% of businesses use video as a marketing tool and 92% of marketers continue to value video as an ‘important part’ of their marketing strategy. But, why is video so effective? Short videos have a higher retention rate, and they perform better in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Keep a note, that the shorter the video is, the more likely it is that viewers will watch it all the way through.

Curated Content

Consumers want to see brands engage with their audience. A great way to do this is with curated content, which is sharing external content that is relevant to the specific brand. It can drive conversations and demonstrate that your company is interested in solving an issue or sharing information rather than just selling. These types of content can include interviews, podcasts, industry news, company announcements, or blogs.

How MSM Digital Can Elevate Your Brand

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