We Don’t Mean to Brag, But…

Recently, MSM DesignZ attended the Advertising Club of Westchester’s 21st annual Big W Gala hosted at Abigail Kirsch’s beautiful Tappan Hill Mansion. (Seriously, check this place out.) The event was a celebration of creative business and advertising in and around the Westchester area, and was a great opportunity for everyone involved to share some of their finest work and — in a lot of cases — be recognized for that work. In this case, those rewards came in the form of a “Big W”.

And we don’t mean to brag, but… we won a bunch! Overall, we were awarded 12 “Big W’s”, including 2 Gold “Big W’s” (What does a gold Big W mean? Best in class?), for our ¬†interactive media and design work (and what else?).¬†It’s always great to be recognized for our hard work and dedication, and this was certainly no exception.

We would like to congratulate everyone else that was involved and awarded for their hard work and dedication. Judging by the success of the event, business is still very much alive and well in Westchester.

Finally, we would just like to thank the Advertising Club of Westchester for sponsoring the event. Overall, it was a great experience, and we look forward to continuing our involvement in it next year!