Utilizing Digital Marketing For Your Business

This year has brought us a substantial amount of changes both within social media and outside. We’ve seen new platforms emerge, existing platforms evolve and new game plans being done. Although traditional marketing is still around and still just as effective, digital marketing has grown to become a necessity as well. However, just like with everything and anything else throughout the internet, digital marketing trends are constantly changing.

When it comes to digital marketing, more specifically social media, it’s essential to know what tactics work better than others. Of course, this also depends on your industry as well, but we’ll cover the basics.

Be Present On Social Media

This day in age, it’s pertinent that you utilize as many (applicable) social media sites as you can. Why? Because this will give you more exposure, but that’s not the best part – every social media site has a different audience. Yup, so not only will you be reaching more people than you probably could using traditional tactics, you will also reach a wide variety of people whether nationally or internationally. Whatever the case, exposure is what you want for your business. Some other sites you should consider (besides Facebook or Twitter) are Linked in, Pinterest, Google +, Instagram, Vine, or even Tumblr. See which would help display your company best, but don’t join sites “just because”. If it isn’t relevant, chances are you won’t find your target market using that platform to begin with.

Amp Up Your Profiles

Making your profiles visually pleasing is a major essential step for businesses. On sites like Facebook and Twitter, you’re given the opportunity to utilize the space for your company branding. On Facebook, customize your cover and profile photo and you can even go a step further to customize the tabs as well. On Twitter, you’re allowed full customization of the cover, profile, and background image as well., and on Google Plus, customize your cover and profile image. Be creative and use the space to show your followers the company’s personality.

Use Photos

Users are more likely to engage with photos over status posts. Take pictures of what’s going on within the company in “real-time”. This will give fans and followers a “behind the scene” feel of what your company is about. It helps them to relate to you on a more personal level and to see the company behind the logo. However, if you choose to post pictures pertaining more towards pop culture, that’s fine too as long as it’s relevant in some way. Test out different kinds of posts to see which one your audience engages with more.

In terms of non-social media tactics (I know, but they do exist) your options are not only vast, but are universal in terms of which industry can utilize them.

Email Marketing

There are still a percentage of people who check their email regularly, more than their social profiles. Statistics show that 82% of consumers open emails from companies, which is good news for businesses who plan on using this tactic. To keep your clients or customers in the loop, this is a great way to keep in touch with them. You can use email campaigns to promote an event you’re having, any new services, or just the latest happenings about the company.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Creating good content is essential if you want to see positive results. You don’t want search engines to dub your site as “old” or “obsolete” because the content isn’t being managed regularly. Managing your content and keeping it up to date is simple with the addition of a Gallery, Portfolio, or a News section.  Other ways to get started with SEO are to choose relevant keywords, utilize links, and incorporate social media.

QR Codes

This is where traditional and digital media will join forces. QR codes are present just about anywhere there’s an advertisement. Once scanned, the code will automatically open up your browser and take you to the specified website. These days, everyone has some form of a smart phone. To be more exact, statistics show that 133.7 million people own a smartphone, so if you are running a promotion, sharing more information, or anything – this is a tactic being utilized more and more often.

With the wide variety of options and possibilities that digital marketing brings, you and your company can pick and choose what works best for your needs. After doing research on where your target market is, it’ll be easier to narrow down tactics and weigh your pros and cons with each one. If you’re thinking of getting involved in the majority of what we listed, hiring a professional may be your best bet because it will take off any pressure of handling everything internally. Hiring professionals will ensure that your online presence is properly maintained and it will also help drive traffic to your website and business.

Which of these trends have you tried?


Kelsey Belgrave is a digital media coordinator at MSM DesignZ, Inc.. MSM DesignZ is a full service advertising and design firm based in Westchester County, New York.