Understanding Brand Voice & How It Can Impact Your Company’s Success

Written by Joseph Raguso, Content Creator

What is a ‘Brand Voice’?

Brand voice encompasses everything from the language and vocabulary you use, to the personality your marketing strategy strives to invoke. Your brand’s personality and emotion within client communication is the makeup of a brand voice. It plays an important role in making sure your message makes a lasting impression on potential customers. Within your brand’s voice, it’s important to understand the tone you use. Tone refers to the emotional inflection applied to your voice. Your tone should adjust to what’s suitable for a particular message.

Establishing Your Brand Voice  

A simple way to establish your brand’s voice is to choose three broad words your company wants to embody. Think of your brand as a person that you must describe in three words alone. How do these characteristics show up in audience communication? The characteristics should be present in every aspect of audience communication to create a recognizable brand. Once your company has enough content that embodies the brand voice, it’s crucial to gather a representative sample of your content for future audiences and interactions. 

Putting the Voice into Action

Meet with your team. Walk them through the communication characteristics your company is striving for and make sure the message is clear. Go through some examples of content that is on par with your voice, and show how you would revise any existing content that isn’t reflective of the defined voice. Ensuring cohesion and a solid game plan within your company is the foundation of a strong brand voice.

Why Brand Voice is Important for a Successful Company 

Brands are unique and memorable when they have a distinctive, consistent, and relevant brand voice.  The strongest, most well-known companies have a clear personality and sense of purpose. A great example of an established, successful brand voice would be the news outlet network, CNN. Their message has been consistent and established, and they are known to serve as a timely and accurate source of news information. If your brand appears to have an ever-changing personality or identity, your company may face challenges that it otherwise would not have. 

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