Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends of 2015

Digital marketing is increasing by the second, rapidly becoming more of a service in demand by companies and brands everywhere. As the second month of the year commences, we have been able to assess and determine what we think will be the biggest trends in the online world for advertising needs. In the following post we will summarize the top three trends, as well as provide examples of brands that have been successful while using them.

 1. Brands will turn more human.

According to Jayson DeMers for Forbes one of the biggest trends for digital marketing lays on the fact that brands need to become more humanized in order to properly connect with their audience. In his article he wrote “brands will realize that their customers are on social media channels to interact with other people, not with brands and corporate sounding lingo”. One brand that has been successful in the implementation of this trend is McDonalds.


Here’s an example of their current strategy. In their Facebook timeline, they used a picture taken by one of their fans and engaged with their customers by reposting it and responding real time to comments about it.

2.  Increased usage of Native Content Advertising

Sites like and are turning more relevant when it comes to native content advertising. More and more brands are interested in creating content that can serve both as useful for their audience and as a platform to direct possible customers to their products. One example of successful implementation of this trend is this one by NYTCooking. The brand created a list of 20 ups and downs of cooking Thanksgiving dinner, something relatable to their customer base, with a pinch of humor.

3. Optimizing for mobile.

Customers, especially millennials, are migrating to mobile devices such as their phones and tablets as primary sources of information, social contact and interaction. Therefore, it’s only logical that brands will want to migrate where their audience is and optimize their digital efforts towards mobile this year.

What do you think about our top three trends? Do you think there’s another one that we should discuss?

Let us know!