The Rise of a New Era: Audio Branding

Written by Courtney Raguso, Social Media Content Creator

As the use of voice-activated devices continues to grow, branding in the audio world is about to become significantly more important. Voice is allowing brands to have an incredible opportunity to form deeper relationships with their customers. Trends and apps come and go, and if you depend on short-term numeric results, you’re setting your business up for a problem down the road. When you take away everything except for voice, all you’re left with is your brand identity. If you haven’t nurtured your brand, and only look at the vanity points, success will only be short term.

You have to be consumer centric and build your brand if you want long term success. What if Instagram were to disappear, would your business also vanish? Adaptability is one of the key skills to success and a long lasting business, and if you’re not willing to make adjustments based on the audience, you will eventually lose. Branding and selling are two things, and it’s important to understand that branding is the factor that’s going to make that connection possible with your audience in a “voice first” era.  Leveraging this technology enables your business to express its brand in a story. People are more likely to remember stories and emotions over visuals and text. Audio branding allows that loyal connection to form between the brand and audience.  

“We are upon a very important decade of technology innovation that only building your actual brand will be able to compete against. We are only a decade away, from at scale, so many of our customers are making financial gain through the Alexa or Google Home or Apple Pod in their home.” – Gary Vaynerchuck

People value time over money, and sound has a powerful ability to get us to trigger specific emotions and memories, which is incredibly valuable when it comes to building a brand. It not only allows a stronger connection but offers the ultimate convenience other platforms don’t: time. It takes time to watch a video as it does to read, however, people can multitask when listening to something. It’s the same reason why podcasting is such an incredible medium – you can create a bond with them that’s incredibly deep that is built around their life, instead of the other way around. Saying “Alexa send me Heineken” instead of saying “send me beer” matters. A business that does not brand itself will end up falling through the cracks if they don’t pursue audio branding in their marketing strategy because audio will take over within the next decade.

With our technology rapidly growing, it is important to evolve with the latest trends and take advantage of opportunities that offer a disproportionate advantage such as the affordability of advertising on social media such as Instagram and Facebook. Voice is more than just a trend, and it’s going to make a significant impact over the next decade. One study found that voice search eCommerce resulted in $1.8 billion in Amazon revenue. That figure alone is expected to rise to $40 billion by 2022. Now, nearly half of all online searches are made through voice search. This is just the beginning.  It’s more important than ever to stay current and relevant.

This change will make Google search in the last decade look like a child’s play. In this new decade, people are becoming more impatient than ever. Convenience kills, but having a brand that makes someone willing to be inconvenienced is the holy grail. Within the next decade voice will take over, and people who follow voice will have remarkable leverage and much more power than the ones who don’t.  

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