The New Twitter Profile And Your Business

Twitter rolled out a new profile layout on April 22nd, which has has a very dynamic design with interesting features that can help a business a lot. Now, a regular user will be able to use features such as: “Best Tweets” an option that makes a Tweet with high engagement appear larger in the profile; “Pinned Tweets” that allows the owner of the profile pin one of the Tweets to the top of a page; and “Filtered Tweets” a new way to choose which timeline to view when checking out other profiles.

New Twitter Profile
Source: Twitter

This is the latest move for the company who has been struggling to stay relevant as a Top inbound social marketing communications solution for businesses. However, we think that this time, they've done it right. The new features can be used in the following way:

  •  New and Improved Page Header and Profile Picture: Within the list of interesting features, the new Page Header which provides a generous size of 1500 x 500 pixels is a great space for the business to advertise. This type of profile layout helps the overall branding of your page. The cover photo is now bigger too, with 400 x 400 pixels to play with. (Do I hear "Facebook" look a like?)
  • Best Tweets: This feature helps the marketing/advertising team identify the best posts of your page to determine which are working properly and which are not; also, it makes your page look relevant and interesting to your followers when you highlight specific tweets.
  • Pinned Tweets: Want to advertise a contest, new product or highlight one of your services? Pinning a tweet may be the solution you were looking for. Because these appear in the top of your page, people are more likely to see it, also it won't get buried by new content. (Again, similar to Facebook's pin feature.)
  • Following: The new design also optimized the way followed profiles are being shown, which are now displayed on top. Our suggestion? Follow brands and personalities carefully, look for people that may add something to your brand equity.
New Twitter Posts
Source: Twitter

It’s important to add that some features that were a little bit abandoned by Twitter are now more accessible. The “favorite” section can be used as a “bookmark” tool to help you monitor relevant twitter accounts in an easier way. Another one is the “list” tab, which allows the user to make lists of followed accounts a lot more organized.


How have you utilized the new profile to better your business? What’s your favorite feature?

Clayra Morales is a digital media intern at MSM DesignZ, Inc. MSM DesignZ is a full service advertising and design firm based in Westchester County, New York.