The New Facebook Profile And Your Business

A couple of weeks ago, Facebook rolled out a new profile for business pages; everybody will have access to it by the end of this month. The new mobile inspired version has the premise to make easier the access to information and tools for page admins. Take advantage of these interesting modifications, and make the best of them. Here are our recommendations:

1. Page timeline design:

The previous layout had the posts divided in both columns, the lack of consistency was the reason why Facebook changed the design back to the one used for personal profiles. Your posts will now appear in the right column, and therefore they are more likely to be seen. The information of the business is now placed in the left; the map, business hours, phone number and business URL are now more visible to your customers.

The dimensions of the images have changed as well; they are now a little bigger. Make sure to size them 800px by 600px or 1200px by 1000px to make them stand out!

2. Key admin tools:

You will be happy to know that the information about the ads that are running, new likes, unread notifications and messages are in the top right of your page. This will help you keep track easier!


3. Pages to watch:

Have you noticed that from time to time Facebook asks you if you have a top five of pages to watch? This new function helps when monitoring the competition. It works as a “bookmark” of the pages that you need to keep an eye on. The “overview” tab in your Page Insights allows you to check out the most successful posts of the pages you keep on your watch, comparing performances has never been so easy!

Facebook For Business

Facebook has really committed to make the business experience more pleasant. There’s a new tool for large business and agencies that helps to manage their Facebook accounts. This interesting new feature aims to place everything in one place with the ability of sharing the permissions with other teammates. It works as a platform of management for Facebook Pages, Ads and even Apps!

This service was conceived with the help of advertisers, in order to run and create their Facebook ads more efficiently. The purpose is to have a tool that will allow people in the business to work more “seamlessly with multiple partners and clients”. The service consolidates teammates, clients and partners all in one place, facilitating communication, task assignments and workflow for projects in scale.

You can request for a Business Admin account on; this gives you some privileges such as creating and deleting an account, creating pages and assigning team members to work on specific accounts. Furthermore, everything can be done using a work email address, which is very convenient if you don’t want to provide your personal email.

For more information on this click here.

We personally love everything they have done so far! What about you?