The most reliable network?

If you don’t know already, there are three modules available for the iPad 2; one with only the ability to connect to Wi-Fi, another with Wi-Fi capability that connects to the AT&T network, and finally one with Wi-Fi that connects to Verizon’s network.  But Verizon users, be wary, “America’s most reliable network” may not be so reliable if you are a user of their iPad 2. There have been complaints regarding technical issues with the device, leaving many customers unhappy.

Apple has confirmed that they are looking into connectivity issues with the Verizon iPad 2.  Apple says “a small number of Verizon iPad 2 customers are experiencing connectivity problems”.  They acknowledged the problem after message boards filled with customers complaints that they were having difficulty accessing Verizion Wireless’s 3G data network.  Verizon customers have also been reporting that the iPad 2 does not recognize Verizon towers and the device is locked on data roaming mode.

A spokeswoman for Apple said they are investigating the issue.  There is no word on how many iPads are affected or how soon there would be a solution.   Apple and Verizon will most likely offer replacements to these faulty devices, however, these replacements may or may not have the same problem.  I suggest that before you run out and purchase Verizon’s version of the iPad 2, that you give the technicians some time to fix these problems. It will save you the headache.