The Importance of Instagram Reels For Your Company Page

Written by Alyssa DiLascio, Social Media Coordinator

What are Instagram Reels? Why do you need to use these? With the ever evolving environment amongst social networks, there is a trend that when a new social platform emerges, all the others will follow behind. TikTok was launched in 2016 by a Chinese Startup company named ByteDance. Their company had soared immensely in 2020 just when the pandemic had hit and everyone had been in quarantine. TikTok is a platform that shows more engagement rates than ever before. Instagram has released “reels” to mimic the features of TikTok videos. 

What Are Instagram Reels?

Reels are entertaining, short videos where you can get creative with your brand story, educate your audience, and get discovered by more people. Most people use reels to highlight moments and express their brand voice. This approach is tending to be more authentic in a way that shows your audience who you are. People come to reels to participate in cultural trends and discover new ideas. You can create videos with text, music, and voice-overs. These features are becoming more popular in 2022 as short videos are booming with engagement. 

Why Should You Use Reels? 

As Instagram has evolved and created reels, their engagement stats have gone through the roof. Reels get 67% more engagement than their regular video posts because of the feature: explore page. The explore page is an Instagram feature that is a collection of content based on similar accounts or content interacted with. This “explore” page can be combined with photos, videos, stories, and reels. For example, let’s say you have 1,000 followers and post a normal video, only a few of your followers are going to see your post. If you post a REEL video, it is more likely you will be seen by more followers just due to the explore page. This will also reach the right audience you are looking for, since the explore page automatically connects with people in the same interests. 

How Are Brands Using Instagram Reels, Anyway?

There is no one-size-fits all approach for brands using reels. Many are different from others. For example, there are brands that simply just use all reel videos on their page, and others use static photos plus reels. Brands are engaging with followers by: showcasing their products, building brand authenticity, behind the scenes content, Q&As, and promoting user-generated content. Regardless how you use it, short videos are becoming the promotional powerhouse for brands. 

Primary Benefit: Brand Awareness 

Not only can you get creative with reels, but they are beneficial towards brand awareness. If you are trying to grow your brand’s online presence, you need to start implementing Instagram Reels in your marketing strategy today. Instagram wants to promote this feature and promote the content created using the feature. So, you are much more likely to reach a larger audience and get more engagement from people on reels and on Instagram in general. 

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