The Importance of Data for Your Next Social Media Strategy

Written by Clayra Morales, Director of Digital Media

Ever felt like your social media content is not reaching the people you need to? Your engagement dropped, and you can’t pinpoint why? You have spent way too much time and money on your new social media ads push and you can’t calculate ROI? 

Seems like you need data-driven social media marketing strategy.

That sounds fancy… but, how do I do that?

First off, let’s define your goals. Every campaign needs to have a main objective from the get go. This objective will determine the scope of your campaign, and will help you select the right key performance indicators to measure success.

For example, if you want to generate more sales or leads, you might need to track:

  • New Followers 
  • Leads
  • Clicks to a link in your post / traffic
Okay, got it. What about if I want to create more buzz around my brand?

Think about how you can increase brand awareness and craft your campaign towards that specific objective. Influencers are a great source of traffic to your social media profile, and also add on the credibility for your brand with the consumer. 

Take some time to research those who fit your niche and reach out to them by offering something valuable in exchange for their opinion. Measure their ROI by tracking the amount of followers, shares, comments and reaction/likes you get by implementing a specific hashtag.

Also, research your competitors. They are great sources of direct feedback from active consumers. You can also catch new trends and actions and translate it to your brand to increase visibility and awareness.

Great! And… where do I have visibility of all this data?

Platforms like Google, Facebook and Instagram have great analytic suites that are great sources to track ROI. There’s also an infinity of tools all over the internet that will help you extract relevant information. If you use content scheduling tools, they are also equipped with summarized analytics that will help you understand the behavior of the campaign as soon as its implemented. 

Alright… everything loud, and clear. But… why is it so important?

Not only will you get all the necessary information about your target, industry and competitors, but you will also optimize your ad spend and overall efforts to achieve your main goals and objectives. At MSM DesignZ, Inc. we have a team dedicated to help you conceive, develop, implement and measure your digital campaign idea. 

Let us help you connect with your audience and drive results! To learn more about our social media services, or to request a quote for our full range of Digital Marketing Services, call our main office in Tarrytown at (914) 909-5900.