The Importance of a Great Logo

Written by James Miranda, Content Creator

Every successful business has a face, it’s as simple as that! A logo helps build your brand identity–essentially what you are and what separates you from the competition. That’s why it’s important to have a great logo!

Quality logos are invaluable because they build trust. A well-designed logo lets people know you’re on a professional spectrum, whereas having something designed poorly puts your credibility into question. If you look at some of the biggest corporations’ logos that we all know like McDonald’s, Mercedes Benz, or Nike, you see something that tells you who it is, what they do, and what they’re known for without saying a single word.

Now that we have discussed the importance and potential a good logo offers, let’s focus on achieving a design that best represents your company. When creating your own logo, or guiding a design agency on what you want the result to look like, keep in mind these general rules of thumb.

Keep It Simple 

The simplicity of your logo will make it recognizable. The best logos seem like they’re just enough and any additions will interrupt the simplicity. This doesn’t mean that the logo can’t have a deep or underlying meaning. Mercedes Benz’s tri-star design (right) is representative of their founder’s ambition to create vehicles “on land, on water, and in the air.” Feel free to take creative liberty and create a logo that’s representative of your story and your company’s background! 

Make It Memorable 

‘Memorability’ refers to something that sticks with you, something you remember. If you see a company vehicle pass by with a logo on the side that’s packed with words or it’s too small to see on a moving car, are you going to remember it? Or will you remember the logo that is visually pleasing and has few words? The answer is most likely the latter because it’s easier to remember. 

Aim for Timeless 

Just like your business, make sure your logo is built to last. Don’t design something that will seem outdated in a few years, or is based on a temporary trend. You want to see your logo still meaning the same thing 10 and 20 years from when it was first created. 

Be Sure it is Versatile Across Platforms 

The logo’s versatility relies more on design techniques than anything, and this is where a talented design agency is vital. A reliable team with experience will know how to design your logo so that no color, font, dimensions, or quality of the artwork is lost when you change formats. Your logo must appear consistent and exactly the way you want it whether it is on print work, business cards, social media, company merchandise, and so on. 

A good logo can be the foundation of your brand’s identity. It represents not only your company, but the hard work and dedication you put into building it. When it comes to creating a logo that truly connects with and embodies your business, our team is here to help. From our skilled designers, to our developers who will make sure it’s compatible on all forms of media, we will create a logo that is perfectly synonymous with your unique brand. 

To learn more about our team’s wide portfolio, or how we can help you create your perfect logo, request a quote or call our main office in Tarrytown at (914) 909-5900. We look forward to working with you and your growing business!