The Art of Retargeting

Written by Courtney Raguso, Social Media Content Creator

According to recent studies, 97% of people who visit your website don’t make a purchase. From bouncing traffic to abandoned carts, most of your visitors won’t complete a conversion. However, it doesn’t have to stay that way. Retargeting is the process of reminding your website visitors of your product and service through displaying ads on other sites they’re visiting. This cost-effective tactic is great to use because it targets people who already showed a level of interest. Not only does it boost conversions, but it also effective in building and sustaining brand awareness. Retargeting campaigns can be done with tools such as Google Ads, Facebook Retargeting, and LinkedIn Ads to name a few. It’s an investment, but it’s worth it given that retargeted web visitors are three times more likely to click on your ad, and are 70% more likely to convert. 

By engaging with non-converting but recent site visitors, you are serving ads to people who are more likely to respond favorably with engagement. Now when comparing retargeting and remarketing, they are pretty similar, however there is a key difference. Remarketing uses email to target users who already converted, while remarketing targets those who didn’t with the use of ads. There are two main approaches to retargeting: pixel based and list based retargeting. Pixel based retargeting is a common technique that works by adding an invisible tracking “pixel” to your website. This tool tags all of your visitors, puts them into a list, and then tracks each user according to the chosen parameters. List based retargeting is used on social platforms and works by allowing you to retarget people in your business database. All in all, these two main approaches still have the same goal in mind, which is to build awareness, convert, and also build brand loyalty. When it comes to knowing when to use this strategy, it’s important to realize that it’s a long term project. Don’t expect results right away. They say as a rule of thumb, it takes 7 touch points before having a customer re-engage. There’s this common misconception that retargeting can be creepy, but it’s actually one of the most efficient ways to bring people back to your site. This is because of the physiological phenomenon called the “mere exposure effect”, which essentially means that the more familiarized we are with something, the more we trust it. So in essence, as someone sees a product more, they will feel more acquainted with the brand, and its logo, color, and personality which reinforces brand salience. 

Retargeting can be used in many ways and is great to use when promoting your bestsellers, new products, updates, and reminders. According to Google, combining retargeting ads with the other advertising you already do can help you increase your sales by 50%. Aside from that, this strategy can really offer a great way to expand your audience and add some value to those cold contacts. It offers data driven insights that can be helpful when adjusting your strategy and also allows you to have room to be creative with the ad you retarget with whether it’s static, dynamic or video based. With the ever-changing landscape of digital advertising, the fight for your audience’s attention won’t be easy and will require relevancy and accuracy. The ability to get a second chance to reconnect with the majority of people who weren’t ready to convert the first time is what makes retargeting the most powerful piece of your digital marketing campaign. If done right, this tactic can really make a difference in your business growth. 

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