The 4 Best Viral Product Placements As Inspired by Fiji Water Girl

Written by James Miranda, Content Creation Intern at MSM DesignZ

If you’re unaware, Fiji Water Girl -or Kelleth Cuthbert- has become viral for the wide array of celebrity photo-bombs she was featured in during the red carpet event.

Everyone from Jim Carey to Camilla Belle and many more, Cuthbert was in the background holding a plate of Fiji water bottles, who sponsored the Golden Globes.

There’s been some controversy around whether she propped herself behind the stars on purpose or not, but Fiji Water Girl is a prime example of great viral product placement that all businesses should try to mimic to some degree or give some serious thought into. Why? The flirtation with something becoming viral is a real thing and as more studies go into how something goes viral, the more valued they’re becoming.

It got us thinking about what other product placement or viral ideas got businesses–big and small–great coverage and financial gain.

Pizza Barn’s Super Slice

This is probably the best ones we’ve seen coming from a small business in awhile: The Super Slice from Pizza Barn in Yonkers. Back in 2016, Pizza Barn decided to start making the Super Slice–a giant pizza slice that’s essentially just a whole large pie shaped into one slice. Simple, yet genius. The Super Slice went viral almost immediately getting coverage from big media outlets like The Food Network and Barstool Sports. It didn’t take long for Pizza Barn to create different variations likes Mac & Cheese or Meatball as well as merchandise.

General Motors in the Transformers Movies

The first Transformers movie came out in 2007 and coincided with the release/rebirth of Chevrolet’s famous Camaro model by making one of the franchise’s favorite characters the car. The Transformers franchise is now six movies in and has featured GM car models in practically all of them. There’s no doubt that a lot of people knew the Camaro just because they saw it in the film.

Gatorade and Sports Press Conferences

Gatorade and sports go hand-in-hand and it’s been practically ingrained in our sports psyches for the longest. During just about any sports press conference, especially big games like the world series or super bowl, you’re going to see a bottle per player or manager at the podium. Logos are everywhere in sports so this is a pretty routine way for them to go viral and place their product on some big stages. Also, Gatorade used to have commercials where kids played with sports superstars and they used to sweat the color of the drink they drank. It was very popular amongst kids.

James Bond’s Aston Martin

This isn’t necessarily something viral, but the product placement and pairing of James Bond and Aston Martin cars is one of the most well known ones ever. With the exception of some of the Bond films, one of the most exclusive, sultry, and expensive British automotive car manufacturers has been featured as 007’s preferred car choice. Some of the cars are only famous for their appearances in the films and Aston Martin specifically created the DB10 just for the latest film Spectre.

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