Texting Can Make You Money – Find Out How!

Retail Stores, Restaurants & Bars, Events & Venues, Recreation, Gyms, Real Estate, Schools, virtually businesses of ALL Kinds…..please read this statement below:

Text messages have a more than thirty percent response rate making it the most effective way of marketing. Send out your messages for daily, weekly or monthly events and watch your industry grow.

If you are serious about your business and increasing your exposure and revenue is important, then it’s time to jump on board with one of the hottest and most effective advertising methods available today.

Let’s discuss some concrete facts – statistics do not lie:

1. Over 80%; 250 million Americans carry mobile phones

2. Cell phone subscribers will top 5 Billion in 2011

3. Global mobile advertising market will be valued at over 16 Billion by 2011

4. 4 out of 5 teens carry a wireless device; 57% consider their cell phone key in their social life

5. SMS marketing can increase redemption by 10x compares to traditional advertising media

6. 94% of all text messages are read

7. By 2012 an estimated 10 Trillion text messages will be sent and delivered globally

8. Messaging still dominates non-voice revenues:

2010: $179.2 Billion           2011: over $200 Billion                 2015: $334.7 Billion 

9. 46% of ad agencies are incorporating text message marketing into their service

LOOK AT POINT #6 – 94% OF ALL TEXT MESSAGES ARE READ! Where else can you can get those percentages??

What types of messages are sent using SMS marketing?

1. Promotional
                – mobile coupons

2. Informational
                – upcoming events
                – notices
                – reminders 
                – emergency alerts

3. Charitable Messages
                – donations

4. Communication
                – text to radio stations
                – customer service

 Most effective call to action messages are:

1. Offer something for FREE or DISCOUNT
2. BOGO: buy one get one half off
3. Offer a REWARD

What benefits does SMS marketing produce?  Reasons to consider investing:

1. Speed:  texts are received immediately which is helpful for time sensitive information, or anything else that can benefit a business through timely delivery 

2. Readability:  94% of all text messages are read guaranteeing almost all text messages will be seen by subscribers: heightened exposure can lead to increase in sales

3. Qualified Recipients:  subscribers opt in to receive your messages so you know they have an active interest in your business.  The money invested is most efficiently spent because you are speaking to an audience who already wants to know more information about your business: Cost effective 

4. Flexibility:  because messages can be sent so quickly you can drive traffic to your store when business is slow or when you need to clear overstock items.  It is easy for recipients to share with family and friends which increases you exposure

5. Range of Use:  announcing new products/ one day specials/ new store openings/ special events… Subscribers can be treated as an exclusive group for offers and information that only that have access to which increases loyalty, purchases, speed of communication, and retention

6. Research:  you have the ability to create a database of willing purchasers from which you can see what offers receive a high response rate. 

7. Affordable:  it is a cost effective way of communication


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