Team Blackberry?

Before jumping ship to team iPhone or team Android, how many times did you tell people to “BBM” you?

If you don’t know the old Blackberry reference, Blackberry diehards used it heavily to refer to the “Blackberry Messenger”. The exclusivity of the Blackberry Messenger made users feel special since only Blackberry users could BBM each other, and was considered better than texting since you could see when someone received and read your message and who could forget those silly smiley faces.

Before my new devices, I was pretty much attached to my Blackberry Curve from the moment of purchase. Why? Because it was insanely easy to stay on top of my emails, text or BBM my friends and who could forget the keyboard that made messaging a breeze. To me, it really was a portable computer.

Blackberry pretty much declined once Apple and Google came onto the scene offering touch screen devices and their own app stores. With thousands of apps available for immediate download on these other phones, it was hard for Blackberry to keep up. And although, they came out with the Blackberry World (similar to an App store), the amount of apps available were limited and didn’t even work that well. Truth is, they were no longer even considered competition to these newer devices.

But I think Research in Motion (RIM) has finally seen the light, and will no longer be the laughing stock within the smart phone realm. Now, my ancient device doesn’t even compare to the brand new Blackberry 10 that’s being presented at the end of this month (1/30/13).

The new Blackberry is completely redesigned with such innovation that other smart phone developers are probably left wide-eyed and dare I say, envious? Besides the all-touch aspect, they’ve updated their Blackberry World to include many more apps to compete with iPhones and Androids and included brand new features not seen on already existing smart phones.

Blackberry Balance
This new feature brings users the best of both worlds – personal and work worlds that is. How? Well, you basically have two phones in one! One (Personal) side can host all of your social media apps, texts, a crazy wallpaper and whatever else you want, while another (Business) side hosts all of your work related apps and emails. Now get this – all of your data is kept separate from each other and switching between the two is as simple as pressing the “Personal” or “Business” button – talk about organized.

The Blackberry 10 adapts to its user to the point of actually being you. If you are always sharing something to your Twitter as opposed to Facebook, your Blackberry 10 will take note and instead of asking you next time, it will anticipate that you will post to Twitter. If this isn’t enough, the keyboard can also anticipate what word you’re going to type next based on past conversations, making messaging even easier. Who really thought that texting could actually be improved? To me, that’s impressive.

With our smart phone market growing excessively, who’s to say the originals can’t make a comeback? People are jumping between iPhone and Androids every day, and let’s not forget that these are also the same ancient Blackberry users. It’s only a matter of time before we see how well this revival will play out in today’s market.

That being said, would you jump ship (yet again) back to team Blackberry?



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