SuperBowl Ads: What we are expecting for this year’s big game!

The Super Bowl is one of America’s favorite events! It’s a perfect time for families and friends to watch their favorite (or non-favorite) football teams play against each other for the big win. However, one of the greatest parts of the Super Bowl is the commercials! For this year’s game some brands have delighted us with a few teasers to prepare us for the big game! Read more to see what they have in store for us!

Many brands have released their 2017 commercials already. They give little teasers to hype up their ads more in the weeks leading up to the big game. This is done purposely so people will recognize their ads and so they will look out for it more. It was said in the New York Times that “it’s common for advertisers to spend an additional 25% or more of the cost of their commercial slot just on promoting the ad in the lead-up to the Super Bowl”. So these brands got us interested already, and after seeing the first ads of their Super Bowl campaign, we can’t wait to see what’s coming this Sunday.

By Nicole Lamsis, Social Media Intern at MSM DesignZ

1.    Wix

This company is a cloud-based web development platform. They allow users to create websites using online drag and drop tools. During the last year’s Super Bowl, they paired up with DreamWorks starring the hilarious kid’s movie, Kung Fu Panda. They made history last year when they became the first brand to ever release the creative for a Super Bowl ad over Facebook live. This year they are hosting a super bowl contest where you could win up to $50,000! To enter all you must do is change your profile picture!


2.    Budweiser

Oh, how us football fans love their beer and commercials! They are notorious to have some of the best commercials during Super Bowl! This year they take a more serious route and have injected themselves into the debate surrounding President Donald Trump’s controversial immigration orders. The commercial is called “Born The Hard Way”, it shares a little history about  Adolphus Busch and how he immigrated to the US from Germany in the 1800s. This dramatic origin story shows Busch’s journey to St. Louis where he meets Ebert Anheuser, then the Budweiser legacy begins. Watch the teaser here!

3.    McDonald’s

This year McDonald’s is using their pre-game ad spot to promote their juicy Big Mac that comes in all sizes! They used a creative approach by using a catchy song to get stuck in everyone’s heads! Watch the commercial here but be careful it may leave you hungry!

4.    Intel

Teaser alert! They have given us a little taste of what their commercial will be like and we just cannot wait to see the whole thing! It has the sexy Tom Brady starring in it, but he’s not scoring his typical touchdowns, he is just doing what a normal human being does. But we don’t care! We just want to see more of that beautiful face!

5.    Mr. Clean

We all know the man in white! This year they are taking a risque route! Showing in the third quarter, watch this “Cleaner Of Your Dreams” commercial! It will make all men want to clean.

6.    Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz has taken a break from the Super Bowl for nearly two years. But this year they are collaborating with the Coen Brothers to direct this new commercial! According to Mercedes, the Easy Driver ad will “pay homage to a series of legends: true to the original of the cult film from 1969, no-one else except its main actor and Mercedes-Benz fan, Peter Fonda, and the song “Born to be wild” by the band Steppenwolf, were eligible. Directed by Oscar-winning duo Joel and Ethan Coen, the film unites the legendary actor with the new Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster.” Mercedes have released SEVEN teasers while using the #EasyDriver. Look out for their commercial during the fourth quarter!

7.    Snickers

“You’re not you, when you’re hungry”. This is Snickers classic tagline and they have been using for quite some time now. This year’s commercial will be starring one of Star Wars finest, Kylo Ren aka Adam Driver. They will be airing the commercial in real time, during the Super Bowl! Their four teasers are already hilarious and is getting a lot of attention than expected!  We cannot wait to see what’s in store!