Social Media Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

Written by Alyssa DiLascio, Social Media Coordinator

We talk about everything you should do on social media, but it’s also good to talk about what NOT to do! Social media can be a tricky concept to grasp. There can be many dos and don’ts that will help you build your brand. Social media is no doubt a great place for new and evolving businesses to be present on. However, being present on these platforms means there are dos and don’ts for businesses. Read on! We’re going to look at social media mistakes to avoid by platform. 


1. Sharing Low Quality Content 

Visuals are still king on Instagram; however, it’s still important to share value on this platform. By value, this means to share informative content or content that is valuable to your specific audience. The head of Instagram had recently stated that Instagram is no longer just a photo sharing app. This is true based on the feed and explore page. Have you noticed? 

2. Skipping Captions 

Don’t skip captions! On Instagram, your photo or video is what first grabs the audience’s attention. The caption can get them to stay. It’s important to value your caption as much as your visuals because they both are equally important to engaging your audience. 

3. Ignoring New Features 

What’s interesting about the new features is the app will prioritize the accounts that use them. For example, when Instagram Reels first launched, the algorithm would highlight the accounts that used their new feature, and they gained more traction. So, if brands utilize these new features, it is more likely to be found by more and more people since your account is up-to-date. 


1. Having Low Response Rate 

The response rate on Facebook is one of the initial impressions for brands and its relationship with potential and current customers. You want to remain consistent! A high response rate will show you prioritize customer service, and a low response rate will show that you may not be present on the platform or ignoring customer service. 

2. Not Having A Custom Photo Cover 

A custom photo cover will enhance your brand voice AND help you stand out from your competitors. For the photo cover, it’s good to highlight your brand values or goals. A designed image will be better to showcase rather than a stock photo. 

3. Neglecting Your Community 

Facebook has “groups” that allow you to interact with a wide variety of people with the same interests. Try joining groups and interacting with them! This will show your activity, and that’s how you build brand loyalists. 


1. Being Too Promotional 

This could go with any platform. However, on TikTok it’s important to remember that authenticity is KEY! If you go on this platform to simply promote your brand or products consecutively, it will be hard to get traction. You could focus instead on lifestyle content.  

2. Using Viral Sounds On Ads 

Viral sounds on TikTok come and go quickly. More fast than you think! This is why it’s not a great idea to use on your ads. Why? Well, your ad will run for a longer period of time and the sound could no longer be popular by the time your ad is done. In fact, users may be tired of hearing the popular sound. You’re better off using content that will work any time. 

3. Not Using Filters

This is interesting because you don’t HAVE to use filters on every post. Although, just like Instagram, your post is more likely to get traction because you’re using the app’s features. For brands, this allows you to be creative and fun with your audience. 

How MSM Can Help

At MSM DesignZ, we are experts on social media and web design. A social media presence is good for any brand to have since we are living in a digital age. These DON’Ts for social media are key to building your online presence in a way that is strategic and valuable. Do you want to begin your journey? We can help you bring your brand or idea to life! Talk with us today to learn more. Visit our contact page at, and we are excited to hear from you!