Social Media and Beauty

Data released by Facebook can be a powerful tool in social media marketing, especially when it refers to specific industries. This Monday, Facebook let the public in on data depicting how social media has transformed the beauty products industry, including information about both Facebook and Instagram.

Both larger and small brands are definitely taking notice of the beauty product presence on social media. In applications and interviews, models are quite often asked how many Instagram followers they have. This has become a big deciding factor in hiring these women. Companies want the word about their products to spread widely and quickly, and a way to help ensure this is hiring models who already have built-in social media popularity.

It has become increasingly more common for consumers to take to social media to find new beauty products. Each brand has its own social accounts, of course, but what really seems to be the most popular way to choose products is by following beauty bloggers. These are trusted individuals who have significant followings on social media. They spend their time carefully reviewing and testing out various products, and then they share pictures, videos, and their personal opinions.

Sephora, for example, is very active on Instagram. They’ve fully embraced the concept of internet-famous beauty bloggers. In addition to featuring just products in their posts, they often feature photographs of women, specifically beauty bloggers, wearing the products. They sometimes even repost from the bloggers’ accounts. Of beauty buyers who engage with beauty content on Instagram, 69% say that if someone they follow on Instagram recommends a beauty product, they’re likely to look into it. Additionally, consumers look to social media while actually out shopping for these products. According to Facebook, beauty buyers prefer information found on social media to actual sales associates in the stores.

A notable example of a beauty blogger is Michelle Phan. This online superstar has over a billion Youtube views, and her popularity has led her to creating her own brand, ipsy, and co-founding a makeup line with L’Oreal. Bloggers like Phan are what many beauty buyers look to when making the ultimate decision when it comes to a product: whether or not to buy it.

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