So what… I stayed home Friday Night

Have you ever experienced the overwhelming rush of panic that hits when you first realize that you are not partaking in an activity?  Regardless if it was your friends’ fault because they didn’t fill you in or it was your own fault because you over extended your afternoon nap, the feeling of being left out really stings.

Last Friday, I collapsed on my bed at 11:30pm.  All week I had contemplated this moment and this is not what I had in mind.  I thought I would be at the bar with my friends having a good time; instead I was home with my dog in ‘frumpy’ pajamas.  Furthermore, Facebook was consistently reminding me that all my friends still managed to maintain a glamorous social life.  With every notification, status update, and added photo I was becoming more frustrated that I was on a hot date with a four legged fur ball.

I was experiencing a phenomenon called FOMO (fear of missing out) which is a blend of anxiety, inadequacy, and irritation that can flare up while browsing social media sites.  FOMO is not a new trend; however, with the rise of streaming social networks, it is becoming a distinguished emotion and concern for many people.

One truth about life is- it isn’t easy.  This is particularly true for those in the process of self discovery and is a time often associated with feelings of insecurity and doubt.  Some people become overwhelmed by this and experience what is called a ‘quarter life crisis’.

Streaming social media has a direct impact on our lives for both the better and worse.  While Facebook refuses to let you forget that you weren’t invited to a particular party, it also is a platform where you can talk to every other uninvited person.

Now that I understand the impact that streaming social media has on my life, my recollection of last Friday’s events has changed ever so slightly…

After a long week, I sat down in bed at 11:30.  Admittedly, frustrated at first because my plan on going out with my friends fell apart.  I decided to get comfortable and put on pajamas since the furthest I planned on going was the kitchen.  I then browsed through Facebook where I got the scoop on ‘glamorous’ events I was missing out on.  (And by ‘glamorous’ I mean spilled beer on designer jeans, cramped feet in 6 inch stilettos and bruised egos after falling on the sticky floor.

Did I mention that I spent my Friday night on a hot date with my dog?