Should you be on Twitter?

There are countless articles throughout the web stating that your business needs to be on Twitter, however they rarely specify what types of businesses. Skipping ahead to the main point – there are two main conditions for a business to use Twitter which are to educate followers on topics pertaining to your industry, or to promote events. On a B2B aspect, Twitter can be used to connect with others within your industry and to build your circle.

Twitter is very fast paced because it is in real-time. Oftentimes tweets get overlooked within the news feed due to the high volume of people tweeting every second. In order to keep up and stand out, you have to constantly produce relevant , clickable content that can potentially be retweeted (which is essentially a share in Twitter terms) and that will be the best way to get your business name out there in a positive light.

Educate Followers

If you are an expert in your field, Twitter is a great place to build a following through sharing your expertise within your field. Our Twitter account shares content related to the services we offer and includes a range of tips, humor, and the latest news within the industry. This is a great way to build a following because eventually, followers will turn to you for expert advice. Ideas to try would be to post tweets with headlines and content that come straight from your company blog, or through sharing content from others you appreciate, just be sure to credit them!

Build A Relationship

People love to have that personal connection with companies they work with because it creates a type of bond that then encourages loyalty. This goes for both business to consumer and business to business “Tweeters” because Twitter allows you to connect with a variety of people and experts. If you are a consumer looking to connect to a business, you can send a quick Tweet to that business. Because everything is in real-time (and public) the chances of your Tweet getting ignored are slim. Business don’t need bad publicity, so addressing a customer complaint or praise is more likely to happen on Twitter than anywhere else.

On the business side of things, Twitter allows you to connect with your customers – hear their suggestions, comments, or any questions in general. Twitter can also help you discover consumer problems, product issues, or potentially damaging PR disasters before they cause any real trouble. A quick hashtag search for your company will bring that information to you.

Promote Events (Or Yourself)

If you are a venue that hosts various events, parties, or specials, Twitter is a great place to promote those events. Having that Twitter presence will allow those who already attend your events to follow you in real-time. For clients I manage on Twitter, I’ve gotten them involved with other businesses or other relevant users who wanted to work with them.

A great way to Reaching out to others on Twitter is the best way to get your name out, for example, if you’re a band or a DJ and need a venue to play in, you can reach out to various venues in the area! A quick direct message or Tweet will give them access to see your profile and what you’re all about, in addition to letting them know you’re interested in working with them.

Relationships are built on Twitter and it happens through using the platform effectively – by tweeting and being social!

The key to being a success on Twitter is through constant communication.

What does your business use Twitter for?


Kelsey Belgrave is a digital media coordinator at MSM DesignZ, Inc.. MSM DesignZ is a full service advertising and design firm based in Westchester County, New York.