Should I Post Personal Content on My Business Account?

Written by Courtney Raguso, Social Media Content Creator

Should I post personal content on my brand’s profile? It’s a common question many business owners have. Many of these people are small business owners, and hold their brand close to their hearts. They’re deeply connected to their business and are the face of it, however, they are not the sole defining element. We see many influencers getting personal, sharing their lives on social media, and building their business off of who they are and what they do. However, not all businesses are built that way. What all brands do have in common, though, is that they are built off of passion and want to offer the community something special. As content specialists, we believe there is a time and place for what to post, but getting personal can work for any brand. It just depends on the mission, vision, objectives, and projection of that brand. In this blog, we’re going to discuss why getting personal can be beneficial, when it’s appropriate, and ways you can get more personal.

So, why get personal in the first place? In this day and age, consumers want to see brands getting personal and value authenticity. Your business is not only a reflection of its industry and functions, but also what makes your brand unique, such as its values and the people behind it, which is what makes it personal! If you aren’t sure what to post, include personal content that’s still relevant to your business. A good rule of thumb to follow is to stick to topics that relate to your mission and values in some way. Weaving elements of your life into your content will humanize your brand, but just be mindful of how personal you are getting. When it comes to what to specifically post, there are a lot of options to select. It really all depends on your personal life and what you want to share. You want the post to relate to your business and know your audience will care. Some simple ideas include, behind the scenes, employee birthdays, work-related trips and events, office work culture, and founding story. If you want to get more personal, some business owners post family updates, financial struggles, and talk about mental health. These types of posts are on the safer side compared to posts that are more political or religious. 

Like we said earlier, what you decide to post should depend on your brand and its values. Use your mission and brand purpose to guide you when it comes to making more serious decisions. In fact, a recent Harvard Business Review study discovered that participants generally acknowledged that political advocacy is both a way for companies to connect with customers and promote their brand. When it comes to knowing what to post, understand that there’s a time and place. The past 2 years have shown how brands got involved when it came to civil matters. Companies have to address political and cultural issues now more than ever before, but that doesn’t mean they should join every conversation. Issues such as systemic racism and sustainability are key causes to engage with, but don’t do it for the hype or because it’s good for the brand. Do it because it feels right and coincides with your core values. These days, staying quiet and not joining the conversation is more likely to send a bad message, and customers are calling brands out for their silence. Political issues are seen as human issues, and they often go hand in hand. If you made a mistake, be transparent, acknowledge your mistake. 

A recent study showed that 68% of U.S. adults believe that CEOs are best positioned to drive real change in America. It’s up to the business owner to decide what change they want to be a part of. Posting personal content really depends largely on the brand itself. This content has to relate to the company, your audience has to care, and it must always be authentic. Of course, you want to focus on your expertise before anything else. The personal content will just amplify who you are. Storytelling is one of the best ways to get personal with your customers. They love hearing why the brand started, and some of those reasons can be very personal to business owners. By sharing the right personal content, you can tell your story in an engaging way and show your audience what your brand is really all about. If you need a team of experts to help you tell your brand story, MSM is here to help you deliver it in the most effective way possible!

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