SEO 101: Utilize Youtube

Youtube is more than a platform to watch silly cat videos or the latest “mashup” video, it can actually be used as a powerful tool for SEO when utilized correctly. Youtube was bought by Google in 2006 and because Google is the top search engine, currently, Google favors any site or service that ultimately links back to them. In this case, although it’s clear you would upload videos to “Youtube” you’re essentially uploading it to Google as well. If you’ve thought about getting involved in Youtube to boost your SEO, there are a couple of steps you have to take first to ensure your content is found, otherwise what’s the point right?

1. Have Good Content

You don’t necessarily need to film videos to post onto Youtube especially if your business has no content that can be filmed per se. However, a way around this minor obstacle would be to develop slideshows with catchy music in the background that showcases your business. This can be a variety of things from showcasing a portfolio, a day at the office, or just fun facts and content pertaining to your company.

2. Utilize Keywords Properly

There are several places for you to plug in your specific keywords. Definitely add it into your title and description box. You can also enter your keywords where the “tags” are since that is how people will search for your video. Tags on Youtube are equivalent to hashtags on the other social networks like Twitter and are essentially just search terms. Other places you can plug in keywords would be in the about section of your profile.

Don’t know what keywords you should use? Check out this post to give you a head start with proper SEO tactics.

3. Add Links

Adding links to the description box and your about page is a standard SEO tactic – backlinking. You can use this space to link back to your website or specific pages within your website. However, be sure to keep the shared content relevant to the content within the video.

4. Add Locations

It’s always wise to add a location within social profiles in addition to your website because it allows people to see that you are a real place and not just some robot on the internet. This legitimacy will create more loyal followers. Also, adding a location will link it to Google Maps, another Google service, which again in turn helps your search results.

As you can see, Youtube can serve to be a powerful tool for businesses when used effectively. It allows you to add another tactic to your SEO checklist, but because it is favored by Google (being owned by Google) it benefits you even more because it is a sure way to be found on Google.

Have you tapped into Youtube yet?


Source: MSM DesignZ, Inc. is a Westchester based NY web design firm specializing in SEO, social media, web and graphic design and much more.