Online presence is not just a website; it is any existence of a business or individual that can found via an online search.  Take a moment and think about the numerous benefits a business gains by having a web presence.  Your website allows for your business to continue operating 24/7.  Being present online also allows for global exposure.  What can be found on the internet about your business is a fundamental factor when a customer determines their attitudes and perceptions of your brand.

Now that there is a clear correlation between web presence and brand association, you are probably wondering what factors need to be considered to achieve success.  Although approaches vary based on the specific industry you’re in, there are some general guidelines that must be examined by every business.  By following these basic strategies you will be able to generate success in a strong online presence.

It is extremely important to have a clear understanding of who your customers are.  When you are able to define and target a specific group of people, you can develop a marketing campaign that speaks directly to them.  By incorporating this knowledge, you can create a website and blog that feature quality content that is understood and meaningful.  It is also important to customize a site that is functional and visually appealing for your target audience.  By doing this you are providing an experience that further enhances your web presence and brand association.  This will support an increase in company profits.

Before you kick back and enjoy the fruits of your labor, you need to examine another method of enhancing your web presence.  Again, I want to stress the important ability to speak to your customers to create a positive experience.  Through your site content and usability, you have already established relationships with your customers.  Now you need to maintain these relationships.  Social media platforms give you the opportunity to continue the conversation with your audience.    Social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter, provide features that allow for countless methods of communication and engagement.  This provides customers with an outlet to speak to you directly making them feel valued by your company.

Now that you have achieved a strong foundation that is credible, it is time for your web presence to produce results.  After all, it has an important job to do!  The goal of your company’s web presence is to capture the attention of potential customers and convert these leads into transactions.  Successful conversion rates result from the proper implementation of a strong online presence that appeals to your target market.