Reasons To Go Social During The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl – the biggest sporting event of the year. Everyone wants to be on it and all brands dispute to be present with amazing T.V. ads that will have the power to touch millions. Now, imagine how many Super Bowl fans are involved in social media, sharing their thoughts, comments and pictures while watching the game… if an ad runs and they think it’s awesome, they will certainty tweet about it (and will also do it if they don’t like it-so you better be awesome!). The social media power is going to be stronger than ever this year.

This info graph issued by Crowdtrap, shows how important this year will be regarding social media usage during Super Bowl. As a business, you’re facing a great opportunity here.

Whether you are on T.V. or not during the Super Bowl game, you can always be on social media. Imagine all of the interesting things you can accomplish by dealing with this kind of exposure. A social media campaign could be released utilizing #hashtags, which proved to be high ranked during the game, or even a video that could easily go viral. The key here is to monitor the game and go live with comments about what is going on. You can also encourage feedback from your followers!

According to the poll, most of the people will be on Facebook, it is expected that at least 55.8% of people will be posting statuses during the game. This is a huge number and brands should also take advantage of it. This doesn’t mean that all other platforms will be forgotten. On the contrary, it will create an inbound strategy, so make sure to tweet (25.1%), optimize your website (21.2%) and blog (7.2%) about it too.

Are you still doubtful of being on social? Another cipher that called our attention was this one: 73% of brands will likely get their fan pages liked after Super Bowl. This applies to those who will be advertised, and those who won’t. If you choose to humanize your voice and serve as an informant or critic about events at the game, you are potentially going to gain more followers.

Hesitate no more and Go Social!