Putting Love Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Written by Courtney Raguso, Social Media Content Creator

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that many brands can celebrate, and can be a great money maker for business owners. According to Statista, the total expected spending amount on this holiday in the US is 24 billion USD. This year, 53% of Americans are planning to spend Valentine’s Day with a spouse or significant other, with an average spend of $175.41. Online continues to be the most popular shopping destination for Valentine’s Day this year, which accounts for 41% of total spending. The biggest share of Valentine’s spending still goes to spouses and significant others, however, many single consumers spend on the holiday as well. Whether it be a friend, coworker, or pet, people are showing their love and appreciation for each other. In fact, according to the National Retail Federation, people are not buying the most expensive gifts. Most people prefer symbolic presents with a romantic significance, such as chocolate, wine, or flowers. Although there are businesses that are in the right industry for the holiday such as jewelers, restaurants, and hotels, many other types of businesses can still benefit from the hype. 

Even if you are not a flower shop, you can still talk about Valentine’s Day, gain some awareness, and even increase sales. From simple posts to full-blown campaigns, you can participate in some type of way. So, why participate in holidays in the first place? Aside from the popularity around the topic and potential sales, showing a more fun side of your brand will help humanize it. Love is a powerful emotion that humans have; which people think brands don’t. It can send a powerful message, so use this opportunity to speak to your audience by expressing relevant traits through a post or campaign. Depending on your brand voice and personality, you’ll have to keep in mind that you may need to adjust the message or concept of the Valentine’s Day themed post. This means that you do not always have to be so lovey doveydubby if it’s not going to fit your brand. So, you will need to think of your symbols, colors, fonts, and tone. An HVAC company, for instance, doesn’t offer anything related to romance. However, they can still get into the spirit of the holiday by incorporating themed verbiage, and visuals in their social content.

With Valentine’s Day being a holiday all about romance and love, it’s a great opportunity to show appreciation for your customers and show them some love. Sales are a great way to show your customer appreciation. Create a Valentine’s Day themed landing page with an email campaign that sends your customers to the sale. You can also try a loyalty program, which offers a great opportunity to show some love to your most supportive customers. Whether it’s earning double points at checkout, a free themed gift with purchase, or you waive shipping costs, they will notice the kind gesture. Referral programs are another great opportunity because you can reward consumers with the gift of extra referral points, products, bonuses, or discounts for sharing offers with friends and family. You can even involve your customers even more in giveaways and contests. The Body Shop’s #SendingAKiss contest asked followers to send in photos of themselves blowing a kiss to a friend. The prize? Newly released fruit-scented lip balms for them and their friend. Holidays allow brands to get creative and show their relevance to the community. It’s important for a brand to show that there is more to it than just its service. Even if your products have nothing to do with Valentine’s Day, there’s always a way to be witty. Not all business owners know how to play copywriter or integrate love into their advertising campaign, but that’s why we have experts who can do the job for you!

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