Pinterest For Non-Profit Organizations

Pinterest has recently become the latest talk with marketing and social media specialists because it really is becoming the next best platform next to Facebook and Twitter. More and more companies are turning to Pinterest as a way to express themselves and the company. It gives outsiders – clients, customers, colleagues – a way to see a company from a different perspective, with visuals.

But how do companies who don’t produce or sell products utilize Pinterest? Is it even possible? Of course it is.

Generally speaking, Pinterest allows you to generate back links by posting a pin that leads to a specific link, like your website for example. Furthermore, these links will generate even more traffic as they are “re-pinned” throughout the site.

For non-profit organizations, Pinterest can be used effectively in several ways to maintain a presence. Think of Pinterest as an extension of your organization. Share the organization’s mission, inspiring stories, or even a fundraiser. Supporters and even newcomers who stumble across your profile will relate to these boards and will follow you.

A great idea for non-profit organizations is to create a board that actually shows donors where their money is going. For example, Unicef has boards that show children benefiting from donations given from around the world. If you are an animal shelter, have a board dedicated to the adopted pets and their new families, as well as a board dedicated to those who still need a family.

In addition to creating your own personal boards, joining group boards is also a great way to engage with other non-profits on Pinterest. From these, you can get inspiration and ideas to further build your Pinterest presence or you can collaborate with similar organizations.

You can also make your existing boards group boards by inviting other pinners – coworkers, friends, or other organizations – to post to these boards. This brings diversity to the boards and an added incentive is that your board will now appear on their profile for their followers to see and possible follow.

When using Pinterest, you want your organization to stand out. Show what makes your organization special and different from the rest. Appealing to your target audience with eye-catching, trending, or exclusive behind-the-scenes pins is how you’ll get re-pins and follows. At the same time, don’t make it all about you because after all, it is a social site so it’s wise to share content from others as well.

If your company isn’t on Pinterest, we’ve listed ways to get you started in a previous post where we discuss how to get started, what to post, and how to maintain your presence.

If you’re still completely stuck and have no idea of which boards to create, this site has a list of possible board ideas your organization can do.

Source: MSM DesignZ, Inc. is a Westchester NY web design firm specializing in social media, advertising, SEO, web and graphic design and much more.