Facebook changes… again!

Last year Facebook announced that it would once again change the look and feel of the page for a more mobile inspired version. We didn’t see much of these changes because they apparently wanted to take time to get feedback of what was working and what wasn’t using a testing group. Now, these changes are available for all users and promise to be “easier for people to find the information they want and help page admins find the tools they use the most”.

Facebook Wall Timeline Business

The changes are interesting, and we can say that it’s a great improvement in the dynamics of how the page was built especially for businesses and it’s content showcase. Some of the most important changes are:

  • Maps, business hours, phone numbers and other general information appears in the left-hand column.
  • The number of Ads running, page likes, messages, notifications and post reach are now easier to find.
  • The post will appear in the right-hand column.

We’ve also been seeing some minor graphic changes such as a better showcase of the images with bolder colors, a new font, and so on. These changes were the company’s response to several inquiries from users that were experiencing issues while navigating in the site. In fact, the press conference held by News Feed Product Manager, Greg Marra, pointed out great indications that indeed, the feedback was taken into consideration for their final decision.

“With so many people using Facebook in so many different ways, we’re careful to test and understand product updates before we roll them out broadly. We roll out updates to a small portion of people who use Facebook to see how they use it and what they tell us,” says Marra.

From our point of view, we back up their decision to make the Facebook experience more suitable for the user. We are now waiting to see if more changes are going to be unveiled in the near future.

What do you think about the new redesign? Do you agree or disagree with the changes?


Source: MSM DesignZ, Inc. is a Westchester NY Social Media company specializing in advertising, web and graphic design, and SEO.