MSM Featured In Westchester Magazine

In terms of latest news, we last left off with an update about our growing workload and new employees that are helping us handle it. Since then, we’ve gained more clients and caught the attention of major local publication – Westchester Magazine. The article touches on how we’ve gained 10 new major clients within a years time and without a sales team! The amount of work gained in all divisions – social, SEO, print, and web – it’s no wonder that we’ve had to expand our team to match the demand. So how did we do it? By maintaining an effective and smart growth strategy.

Westchester Magazine interviewed our CEO, Mario Mirabella, where he revealed tips on how to effectively obtain and keep quality clients. He also discusses how he started the company – using various past experiences to shape his entrepreneurial endeavor. He advises that building a relationship with a potential client is key, and a foundation of trust is essential, first and foremost, and then the rest will follow.

To read the full article, check out Westchester Magazine’s website!

The Creative Revolution continues….