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Cheers to the infamous Comic Sans! The time has finally come when somebody actually tried to change it for the better. Craig Rozynsky is the brave designer who decided to embrace the iconic font, which has been around for 20 years now, originally created by Vincent Cornare and released by Microsoft in 1996. Rozynsky expressed that “Comic Neue aspires to be the casual script choice for everyone including the typographically savvy.”

The New Comic Sans

We still cannot decide whether is a “win” or a “fail”, but in our opinion, it’s an upgrade. For more information of the New type (which is now free for those who want to use it) click here.



It’s a never ending feud. Facebook wants to look like Twitter and Twitter wants to look like Facebook… or at least that’s what we’re getting at from the new re-design that started rolling out on Tuesday. As you can see from the example below, now users will have the chance to get a larger header image! Seems a lot like a Facebook Timeline huh? And that’s not all – new features have also been added such as tweets with more “engagement” will now appear bigger than the rest.

Wow, we’re really curious to see Twitter user’s reactions!

Twitter New Profile

For more information on the changes click here.



Earlier this week, our CEO warned us from an outrageous Mobile App Permission that LinkedIn is now requesting for the usage of their app. Something they call “Reading Interaction Info” allows it to read and modify your contacts and read/write your call log; all this with the premise of “letting you invite contacts from your address book to connect on LinkedIn” (That’s the secret phrase).

LinkedIn Mobile App

What really caught our attention was the fact that according to their official help center this is a requirement for almost all Apps on Android, due to written obligations by Google. This obviously helps seed advertising in your device in an easier way, which explains the high rate of effectiveness in Google Ads.

More information here.

What’s your take on these recent changes?


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