MSM DesignZ hires Charlie Sheen

Ok ok, we’re just kidding….but we are accepting resumes, Charlie!  Today is the one day of the year we’re allowed to prank anyone and get away with it! So remember, while you are either scheming on your co-workers or falling victim to your boyfriend’s cruel jokes, there are some companies taking advantage of this opportunity to fool us all. 

Throughout the years, Google has regularly pumped out numerous April Fool’s jokes. Do you remember last year when Google claimed they were “changing” their name to “Topeka” to honor the city in Kansas? Pretty much everyone was scratching their heads thinking; why on earth would Google change such a distinguished brand name? All the while, the masterminds behind this elaborate scheme enjoyed a good laugh while EVERYONE was talking about Google.

Across the pond, readers of the “Metro” newspaper saw an article about new plans to become the only national newspaper you can eat after reading. It read: “We hope it adds flavor to the stories and presents readers with a colorful menu of current affairs”. This “edible newspaper” even had a vanilla scent!!  This practical joke is a clever way to get people to pick up and buy the “Metro” rather than a competing newspaper.

 April Fool’s Day marketing campaigns have the ability to create a lot of attention and press coverage. On the flip side, these pranks can be an investment for companies while creating public confusion. It is the marketer’s job to weigh the pros and cons of pulling a fast one on their customers. It is my belief that there is nothing better than a good laugh, however, it is important to keep in mind the nature of the joke and sensitivity of your audience.

Did you fall victim to any funny pranks today? Better yet, did you fool someone yourself? Spread the laughter and share your stories by commenting below.