Live Streaming for Business: Periscope/Meerkat

We are evolving. Visual storytelling has taken center stage in social media content sharing, platforms such as Periscope and Meerkat have appeared in the market following pioneers like Snapchat to bring a new form of communication to the table: Live Streaming. But how can we as business take advantage of these tools and use them as ways to connect with our consumers? We’ll dive into the interesting world of live video sharing and discuss the ways all business can hop on the ride.

Let’s start with an overview of both tools:

1. Meerkat: Live video streaming app, that allow users to live stream what they see using the Twitter platform. Around 5,000 people can watch one person’s stream at a given time. The app was released in February 2015 and is available for both iOS and Android. Some brands that use Meerkat: The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Billboard, Red Bull, CNN and even Jeb Bush.


  • You can build up the hype about events, by utilizing sneak peeks.
  • Everyone can utilize the app and “attend” the events you schedule to stream.
  • Increased event social reach.
  • If you plan a social event, people can become less sensitive to the ticket price at the knowledge that it may be streamed.
  • Camera quality is poor.

2. Periscope: Live video streaming app, available for iOS and Android, developed by Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein. It was purchased by Twitter in March 2015 and was officially relaunched on the iOS App Store. Some brands that use Periscope: Mountain Dew, GE, DKNY, Spotify and Mashable.


  • Easy to use. The app has its stars for how simple it is to manage, stream and participate in content sharing.
  • Instant access to content of followed accounts.
  • Camera quality, functionality flow and app integration with Twitter.


  • Support is somewhat limited, since the app is in its initial stages.

Now that we know a little bit more about the apps, we tested both and found some interesting tools that can be taken in advantage by brands. Here are our top 5 favorite aspects:

  1. Insider views: Consider the fact that these apps allow a “TV Commercial” feel, but of something that is happening now. This allows viewers to feel like they’re a true insider at the event since it’s in real-time! For restaurants, this is an amazing way to showcase the preparation of dishes and drinks, highlight the ambiance, messages from the staff and other stream-worthy events, such as parties and special occasions.
  2. Customer service: If you have a lot of questions in your Twitter account, you can quickly address them in live video streaming sessions answering those questions. This not only shows your customers that you genuinely care – and consequently want to make them feel good – but will help increase the added value of outstanding customer service.
  3. Live product features/events/announcements: These apps would be great to give away important information to your customers such as a new dish, product, service, event and even as a way to give away promo codes that can be traded for items for your target audience, the sky is the limit!
  4. Jamming Sessions: If you have live music or DJs playing at your business, these apps are for you. Stream a small portion of the songs being played live and just see the people walking through the door.
  5. Tip of the day: Cooking tips, work-out sessions and other interesting content can be delivered to your customers in a second. Keep your fans engaged and interested by making your business the top educator in your industry with these quick tips.

We are excited to start using Live Streaming Apps for our business and so should you! The behavior in customers is changing and we need to change with them. By utilizing these apps, you get closer to those who are constantly using their mobile devices during their day to day activities, which means around 52% of the population (Adults within 25-35 years old).

Are you ready?

Do you think Periscope/Meerkat can be useful to your business? Which one do you like the most? Let us know! We’d love to debate with you 🙂