It’s NOT the Economy, Stupid!!

Between the tough economy, the value of the dollar decreasing, and foreclosures, business can be tough these days.  You need to find practical solutions in an environment that leaves little room for practicality.  However, whether you chose to downsize your company or chop your overhead; there is a solution that does not involve substantial sacrifice.  Enough of “it’s the economy” excuse; you need to attract the RIGHT customers to the products and services you offer and simultaneously save money.  Is is time to get creative!

The days of not knowing your customers’ needs and desires are OVER.  With the internet and technology available to us, we MUST acknowledge their problems directly and then provide the solutions they are looking for.   By leveraging the internet, you can target your customers and by using creativity your business can stand out amongst your competitors.  It is almost impossible to find a company without an online presence.  Even companies in the business of servicing other businesses are having conversations on Facebook and Twitter.

Internet data collection is fairly straightforward.  Site traffic, banner clicks, tweets, e-mails, etc. can be tracked, measured, and analyzed.  There are also services that help marketers understand the quality and quantity of the Internet and the users who interact with a website or other online campaign, such as Facebook.  Combined with the ability to make instant changes, internet campaigns can create attainable goals.

Now here’s the great thing… you can use the internet to market  your business for FREE!  Sign up for Facebook- it’s FREE; Twitter- it’s FREE; e-mail – FREE and all of which are great ways to market your products and services.  So let’s give the economy excuses a break and start exploring the best use of online marketing campaigns.