Is Vine Still In The Ring?

Vine or Instagram – we’ve been hearing this debate since the release of Video for Instagram back in June. Many instantly announced that they would be deleting their Vine account (Poor Vine!) because of the features provided in Instagram’s video feature that weren’t available on Vine. But Vine didn’t let that phase them and instead proceeded to continue updating their app and making it better than before.

With Vine’s latest major update, released earlier this month, comes a bunch of new features that encourage users to “vine”. One is the ability to categorize your posts, enabling users to have an equal chance of being discovered through the app. The categories range from music to comedy to nature and more, making a total of 15 categories. If you’re one who loves discovering new things, the new “Explore” screen provides sections like “Popular Now” and “On The Rise”, and there is also a trending tags section, similar to Twitter.

Okay, so the addition of these categories helps users become “Vine famous” but what about filming tools to create the content? No worries – Vine is making its way up the ranks with new tools such as auto-focus, a grid tool and a ghost tool. Two of the three new tools, grid and ghost, were developed to help stop-motion animators create better flowing videos, which seems to be a huge trend seen all over Vine. The Ghost tool in particular lets you see your previous frame before you record again. It’s not an editing tool though. Also, if you have an Android, a zoom feature and a quick capture widget are available as well (sorry team iPhone!). Other new Vine features include a “Re-Vine” button, similar to retweeting, and options to make your posts protected or to label them as sensitive material.

Seems to me like Vine is really pushing hard to get more features out there, but I think it’s having a great effect on users because the once 3-star app on the App store is now 4 ½ stars! Now all we need is a way to edit video without having to re-record the entire thing.

Turning to the competitor, Video on Instagram is embedded within the existing app and provides features such as filters, editing, a cover photo, and “cinema” – a feature that reduces shaking. There is no way to become known or some kind of famous on Instagram, however, as all users’ photos and videos are jumbled within the same feed. This is where Vine has passed Instagram because the focus is placed on the users.

Although Instagram has the numbers to be considered the leader in this trend, people are flocking to Vine because the focus is on us – the users. Vine currently has approximately 13 million users and it’s growing every day since the Android version was released.

So which app should you choose? Well that’s up to you. Just like Facebook and Twitter co-exist harmoniously due to user preferences, the same can happen with Vine and Instagram Video. Naturally, those who favor Twitter are more likely to favor Vine and frequent Facebook users may favor Instagram Video more. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference.

Which app do you prefer?


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