Is the Facebook Fad Fading?

Last month, nearly 6 million Facebook users in the United States deleted their accounts.  This brings the total number of active users down to 149.4 million from 155.2 million.  In addition, Canada lost about 1.5 million users while the United Kingdom, Norway, and Russia each lost over 100,000 users.  Speculators are saying that Facebook is declining in active accounts because it is now reaching around 50% of the total population in a given country.  Facebook’s growth is inevitably slowing down.

In order to better understand what this means take a look at the chart on the right.  This is called a product life cycle graph.  When a product is introduced to the market, it goes through four distinct phases including introduction, growth, maturity, and decline.  It is inevitable that Facebook will go through this very process.  The decline in users may be evidence that Facebook is reaching the maturity stage.  Leaving us to wonder… is this the beginning of the end for Facebook?