Is It Time to Rebrand?

Written by Courtney Raguso, Social Media Content Creator

What is rebranding?

Rebranding is a strategy where a brand changes one or even multiple elements of their current brand identity in order to create a stronger one that resonates better. Creating a strong brand alone is difficult, and deciding to rebrand can be even harder. You will want to capture the elements that people love while introducing new ideas in a way that will excite your audience. When it comes to rebranding, there are many routes you can go, but keep in mind that it needs to be for the right reasons and never on a whim. If sales are low or if brand awareness isn’t up to par, then rebranding is not the answer. Even if you want to cover up a crisis, consumers will catch on and see it for what it really is – a cover-up. Rebranding isn’t always the answer, and making the wrong call can really hurt your brand image and cost both time and money. Just look at Gap back in 2010 where they invested $100 million into their new logo design, which lasted only 6 days before critics forced the company to revert back to its iconic look. This was probably one of the fastest branding turnarounds of all time. Don’t do what they did. Before deciding to implement a rebranding strategy, identify the underlying cause and rule out issues that can be potentially solved. By creating a strategy and conducting research, you can make a more educated decision.

Although rebranding shouldn’t ever be your first knee-jerk reaction, if done correctly and for the right reasons, it can be a proactive solution to effectively induce business growth as well as expand to new markets. Some brands just need a refresh and not a total rebrand makeover. Times are always changing. Customer markets shift, new services are being created every day and these changes can make your original branding obsolete. AirBnb is one brand that decided to give itself a simple refresh in their logo design. From 2008, the brand waited nearly 6 years before updating the outdated design with a more modern look that fostered a greater sense of community and belonging. Their new symbol, “The Belo”, highlighted their four values: people, places, love and AirBnb all blended into a single “A” shape. This approach was successful for them because it was understandable, approachable and attractive to its audience. Sometimes brands will require more than just an update in their logo. The need for a rebrand can be from a shifting target market, a change in values or search for redemption. A lot of this comes down to reading the consumer’s behavior and finding new ways to meet their demands. Pay attention to what people are saying about your brand and respond with a pivot to counteract an allegation. It could be a change in your product line and adding more value, quality and options. Take McDonald’s as an example. Ever since the famous film “Super Size Me” came out in 2004, the fast food giant faced a lot of heat from the public for its unhealthy meals. In order to save their reputation, McDonalds decided to introduce healthier options while making their food more nutritious and brand more authentic. Another big brand that had to save its reputation is Target, which was well-known for being a “low-budget” store. Many people considered “low budget” to be associated with low quality. They realized that in order to improve their reputation, they also had to improve their product and positioning. To escape the preconceived notion that Target’s products are cheap and low quality, they decided to rebrand themselves with a focus on quality by introducing recognized designer labels that customers trust, while still keeping prices in their affordable range. Doing this helped them become one of the top retailers in the country. This just goes to show that improving the quality of your product and being fair to the customer can really go a long way. 

At the end of the day, all customers really want is a brand that supports a better lifestyle which they can have trust in helping them achieve their goal, whatever it may be. Your job as a brand is to keep providing new and innovative ways to meet their demands and to remind them that you are in fact listening. Also, always remember to stay true to your brand. Brands can be successfully revamped by adapting current styles while still celebrating its history. One brand that we can look at for instance is Dunkin’. The brand has always gone with their famous slogan “America Runs on Dunkin” and has been on a first-name basis with its fans since the very beginning. As a response to their customers, Dunkin’ decided to take the “Donuts” out of their original logo name “Dunkin’ Donuts.” Not only was this a great response to what people were saying, but it also conveyed the company’s focus on serving great coffee fast. They simplified their look, but stayed close to home and embraced their heritage by retaining the familiar pink and orange colors and iconic font, introduced back in 1973. This, of course, led to a positive response from their target market and ended up resonating with even more people. A successful rebranding strategy can solve a multitude of issues your brand might be experiencing; and with the right implementation of a rebranding strategy you can surely make a positive difference for your brand. Some brands are able to stay relatively consistent while other brands might need to evolve more in order to survive. This is not a cut and dry process, and it really comes down to what’s right for your brand and audience. So you must be thinking about whether your brand is positioned where it should be. Making a mistake in this type of strategy can hurt or even put an end to your business forever.

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