Is Apple tracking your every move?

“Every breathe you take, every move you make, every bond you break, I’ll be watching you”

Not only is Sting watching you but Apple to? There are reports of a discovery on the iPhone which logs your every move. The file is unencrypted (a.k.a. unsecured/unprotected) and called consolidated.db. Data scientists claim the iPhone uses cell towers to log your location and compile this information, including latitude and longitude coordinates along with timestamps, into a data base. There is no notification letting users know their location is being secretly logged in plaintext on your computer and phone.

While location based data is often used to enhance user experience for apps such as FourSquare and Twitter, the issue regarding the iPhone needs specific attention due to its lack of security. In order to access location-based data, a court order is needed. For example, police may use location data to track and find a missing person. However, the iPhone file is vulnerable to predators such as a skilled con artist using the content to plan home invasions. Research has made no findings that this information is leaving your phone, however, it is beneficial to be aware of the problem.