Internet Advertising Trends to Look Out for in 2011

If you’re like the majority of our readers, you’re a business owner looking for more effective ways to advertise your website.  There are several things you can do this year to give your business a boost in the right direction. As we are closing in on the first quarter of 2011, here are a few Internet advertising trends to look out for.

Desktop usage will decrease. The amount of time users spend on mobile devices will certainly increase. I believe this comes down to convenience more than anything else. People are on the go. Users are not strapped down to desktops anymore leaving them immobile. The current smart phones and now the tablets such as the Apple iPad and Motorola Xoom make searching the web, exchanging emails and social networking as simple as snapping your finger. Can be done anytime and any place. And frankly, I find myself even using my laptop less.

Mobile activities. The top activities on mobile devices will include shopping and sharing information. With so many great apps that are currently available and new apps in the works, the mobile device continues to keep the user occupied and excited. Besides the apps, companies are understanding the importance of making their websites mobile friendly. This will certainly increase traffic and sales if it offers ecommerce. And since the new tablets are displaying websites just like your desktop browser would, online shopping couldn’t be easier and more convenient. Users are browsing while grabbing coffee, waiting in line, riding the train, etc. All of these users become potential buyers!

Social media ads. More businesses will begin to use social media ads on sites like Facebook to increase the traffic to their website. Facebook advertising marketplace is becoming more like a social media search engine. Industry experts suggest using catchy titles and buzz words within ads to attract consumers.  Social media ads are also very intelligent. Have you noticed while on Facebook that the ads appearing within your profile page or news feed are geared towards your hobbies or interests?   This isn’t a coincidence. This is a very strategic tactic now used within the social network. And it is brilliant since the ad impressions are not being wasted on users who would have no interest in your product or service. This all comes down on how your personal information is being shared. That is a whole different topic in itself. But it is a fact that targeted advertising works and in this environment, it’s well worth the small investment to purchase ad space.

Content is still king. The content that you use to attract your target audience can make or break your web presence. Make sure your content immediately engages your readers. Web users are less patient than ever before. It is better to use less words to describe your product or service than long 500-800 word web pages. This also ties in with mobile device users. Imagine what a 500 word page would look like on your 3 or 4 inch smart phone screen!? You just lost that potential consumer.

Demographics. According to eMarketer, more than 95 percent of teenagers will be using the Internet in 2011. This includes Internet usage through mobile phone devices as well. From ages 3 to 17, it is estimated that almost 39 million are internet users. Only 10 years ago, there were only 11 million teens online. That is a huge increase and there are no signs of that number declining.

Based on the above, social media and mobile advertising will play dominate roles for web marketers this year. Business owners who utilized social media and mobile advertising in 2010 have noticed a significant increase in the amount of business they attracted to their websites. With this new trend, this is an important area for marketers to focus on in 2011.



Source: MSM DesignZ, Inc. is a Westchester NY Advertising company specializing in social media marketing, web and graphic design, SEO and much more.